Holiday Survival Kit: 6 Tips for staying well + Self-Care Planner


Hello Friends,

What a glorious time of the year! I loved the holidays especially as a kid, but as I grew up and became a mother, holidays became a bit stressful and VERY BUSY! I wanted to focus on the bigger meaning and intention of the holiday season AND be an example of that to my children, but I wasn’t doing a very good job. This year, I’m looking to the holidays with pleasure because I’ve learned a few things that have changed everything. That’s why we’re here today. The best way to protect your health and happiness is to schedule it. If you don’t, it will be filled up with buying presents, wrapping paper, parties and recitals, but come January 2, you’ll be visited with that nasty cold, head pounding headache, extra weight and nerves frazzled.

Here’s My Self-Care Survival Planner

I’ve included a some helpful tips for creating a stress-free holiday in this blog, plus a printable self-care planner that can be used any time of the year! For each day, fill in an affirmation or goal that sets the intention for your day, your self-care practice and when you’ll do it. Then to really make your day great, add one thing you’re grateful for. It can be big or small. Gratitude has been measured to be the highest vibrating emotion, it really lifts us up and renews our body. So, don’t skip this one and pay attention to how you feel. Post this on your fridge or bathroom mirror and do it! I included some tips that have worked for me, get creative and have a wonderful holiday season!

8222412_orig Six ways to Stay Well This Holiday

1. Keep the water flowing. Drink more water, especially with citrus essential oil. When we are hydrated, we eat less junk and have more energy. Make sure to bring your water bottle everywhere you go. This is a great way to alkalize and energize your body and is such a simple solutions. The citrus oils are uplifting and invigorating, help with stress, and are naturally detoxifying. 2. Get the heart pumping. Use some of these speedy workouts so that when you’re not feeling like going to the gym, you still get your body moving. Try downloading a few free (or low-cost) apps with short-guided workouts (examples: Pocket Yoga, Fitocracy, or Sworkit). Even just try 5 minutes of good old calisthenics, you know some Jane Fonda – jog in place, lunges, jumping jacks, sit-ups! We all have 5 minutes, right? These workouts will lift your heart rate AND your spirit. 3. Squeeze in catnap. I love this one -set your alarm for 30 minutes or less, lay down, close your eyes and relax. Don’t get a long deep sleep, which may make you more tired. Short, light naps help restore alertness, cognitive function, and memory, leaving you feeling refreshed. When you do this it helps improve your mood and be able to think more clearly, thus being a lot more efficient with your time. If you have trouble relaxing, try using a “calming” essential oil like lavender or these listed here. These will help you relax within minutes. 4. Follow the batch cooking principle. Plan some meals that you can freeze and enjoy the next week. Be realistic about how much time you’ll have to prepare meals. Batch cooking soups and stews, casseroles, burritos, and other yummy dinners are easy to freeze and even easier to warm up. This will cut your kitchen time in half. 5. Dump the brain. With everything going on, our minds can get overloaded with to-do lists. If you do a weekly brain dump it will free up mental energy. Get everything you can on paper so that you don’t have to hold it in your head or worry about it any longer. 6. Learn to say NO. After doing you brain dump, you can decide if you can delegate it to someone else, reschedule it at a more efficient time, delete it all together or if it’s something you have to do or really want to do. Come up with your top priorities and forget the rest. This is a good time to plan with your family as well. This is an investment in YOU and all those around you. Holidays will be much more enjoyable and memorable if you are your best self. You’ll not only be giving them your best, but will also be teaching them how to give and be their best. BONUS: Peaceful Child Essential Oil Blend - we used this before putting up our holiday decorations. Now with 6 kids helping and a few of us a little OCD, I had put this blend on my two youngest daughter, but then said, "what the heck, maybe we should all try it." Wow! What a better, calmer, more enjoyable experience than last year. LOL! Now it’s your turn, how do you fit in self-care when you don’t have much time?

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