New Year, New You: A 31-Day Challenge

4855877_origOut with the old and in with the new! 2015 is literally just around the corner. With the new year, comes a new challenge and focus - on YOU! 2015 is the year to be the best YOU that you can possibly be. I want want to be here to help. This 31 day challenge is simple, can be adjusted to any fitness level and if you stick to it, I promise you RESULTS! I'll have a new challenge each month in one of these categories: health & fitness, finance or life balance. Because it's resolution time, the challenge is “New Year, New You: A 31-Day Squat, Push-up and Sit-up Challenge.” To kickoff 2015, we will be throwing a party in the form of squats, sit-ups and push-ups! You did NOT just groan, did you? Put on your party hat, blow your noisemaker, then drop and give me twenty! Kidding… sort of. Below, you will find three separate workout calendars -one for squats, one for push-ups and one for sit-ups. Print them out and hang them up on your mirror or fridge. These calenders are about to become your best friends. Before you start, go take before and after pictures of yourself. Hurry! You won’t believe your eyes come February! This seriously gets results and you feel so much stronger. Accountability will be a key to your success! Get a friend or spouse to do it with you and come join our Facebook group for support. Rest days are provided to give you a chance to let your muscles recoup. These daily exercises are intended to supplement and enhance your current fitness routine if you already have one. Stay aware of your form at all times! It’s quality, not quantity that counts. If you find the daily total too difficult to achieve, just do as many as you can, or break it up into smaller sets or divide it up during the day. If you need to modify your push-ups or sit-ups do so! Think the challenge is too easy? Add in weights or a kettlebell while you are squatting and maybe a clap with each push-up! This workout is for YOU. Challenge yourself, but not to the point of injury. Push-ups: Check out this article for proper push-up form, as well as modified versions of the basic push-up. Squats: What is the proper form for squats? This video will demonstrate! Sit-ups: Here's a quick video for doing a proper sit-up. I am not medical doctors or licensed medical expert. Before starting any diet or exercise program, please consult with your doctor. 6192554_orig 6657859_orig 4428440_orig

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