That Aha Moment

aha-moment2 When clarity, trust, and passion, meet up with your vision, strengths, and values, you fall into a harmonic alignment with an inner sense of what you want your life to be, they add up to that remarkable state of mind, that aha moment, which is the real engine that drives an exceptional life. One of these defining aha moments was when I realized that if I continued down the path I was on with my health, I wouldn’t be living the life I wanted. If I continued doing what I was doing, I would have to expect the same results. I wasn’t OK with that. I woke up to the fact I needed to do something different, not just for me but for my family, my husband and children. Things had to change and it seems just when you are open to change, the opportunity presents itself. Luck seems to favor the prepared mind. Read about this journey here. The second aha moment came after I had been seeking out a change for our financial situation. I was feeling stuck, not that my life was awful, it just wasn’t all it could be, and I was looking for a solution. What I discovered is that solutions don’t have to be difficult. In fact, it has less to do with finding anything and more to do with seeing past the obstacles that clutter our field of vision. We’re surrounded by opportunities to enrich our lives with peak experiences. The best way to connect with these experiences, is to pay close attention to those moments of magic in our lives. I connected with this moment shortly after my fifth child was born, as I was spinning away on a stationary bike, I call it my epiphany of 2010. A solution revealed itself and became clear not only in my mind, but also in my heart. This financial solution turned out to be more than just financial. I learned that being stuck, whether you’re feeling it financially, with your health, in relationships, spiritually or emotionally, is about disordered thinking, about losing connection with the deepest possibilities in life. That aha moment lead me to understand that the possibility of living an extraordinary life that really matters was a possibility, not only for me but anyone who seeks it. Read more about my aha moment here. Work with Stacy [gallery size="full" ids="1386,1385,1387,1390,1383,1392"]

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