50 Uses For Frankincense The King Of All Oils

50 Uses of Frankincense The King of Oils

Frankincense is one of three gifts presented to Baby Jesus by the wise men. Have you ever wondered why? Until recently most thought it was an expensive perfume. However, with the research we have today, we believe it could have been for it's healing compounds. Check out these amazing ways to use Frankincense, it's my favorite essential oils because it's helped me and so many others with chronic health conditions. Please keep in mind this regulatory statement released by doTERRA in Octob er, 2014: We recognize essential oils have profound health benefits, but it is important we not make claims that would position our products as drugs. For example, recommending an essential oil to cure a particular disease would be considered a drug claim. dōTERRA does not claim our products cure or treat…any disease. The only thing that cures disease is our bodies. 50 Uses for Frankincense Oil
  1. Disinfect cuts and wounds
  2. Neurological disorders
  3. Anti-inflammatory
  4. Enhances the effect of other oils when layered
  5. Fights malignant, abnormal cell growth
  6. Promotes healthy skin
  7. Apoptosis (the self-destruction of unhealthy cells, so they don't mutate)
  8. Scar reducer
  9. Anti-tumoral
  10. Animal health support
  11. Supports cellular health
  12. Diffuse for Alzheimer’s patients
  13. Gum health
  14. Supports healthy brain function
  15. Poison ivy (with Lavender and Melaleuca)
  16. Blood blisters
  17. Add to the flu bomb
  18. Chest congestion
  19. Severe cough relief
  20. Drop under the tongue for overall health
  21. Laryngitis throat spray
  22. Relief for sun-damaged skin
  23. Reduces wrinkles
  24. Wonderful aroma for diffusing
  25. Supports autistic children
  26. Dental pain
  27. Chronic pain
  28. Lyme disease
  29. Viral meningitis
  30. Promotes healthy vision
  31. Decreases swelling in nasal passages
  32. Add a few drops to mascara to kill germs and increase longevity
  33. Concussions
  34. Balances hormones
  35. Antidepressant
  36. Reduces stretch marks
  37. Heals throat inflammation and damage due to acid reflux
  38. Migraines
  39. Fever blisters / cold sores
  40. Restless legs
  41. Reduces noncancerous growths
  42. Multiple Sclerosis
  43. Diffuse for help with grief and mourning
  44. Skin cancer
  45. Heals acne scars
  46. Diffuse with other oils for a “holiday smell”
  47. Lou Gehrig’s disease
  48. Thyroid support
  49. Skin Infections
  50. Eczema
Wow! That's just for starters. As you search around, you'll find so many other uses for Frankincense.  

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