Essential Oil Helping People with Cancer

Making a Difference for the Holiday SeasonHelping someone going through chemo is hard. Kerry is a real gift. You'll love hear her story of helping a friend in need, one who is going through stage IV cancer and struggling with the side-effects of chemotherapy. Listen to her story below. (Because I'm technically challenged, you can skip to about the 10 minute mark to hear her story. I spent a couple hours try to chop this, but need to go back to college to figure it out. LOL) Kerry's Experience with Essential Oils, start at the 10:10 mark Like Kerry said, we don't know the outcome of anyone's story, essential oils may not be a cure for cancer, but we can assist people in their journey. Here is what she did to support: 3x a day, take a gel cap with: 1 drop OnGuard (to support immune system) 1 drop DigestZen (to support proper digestion) 1 drop Lavender 2 drops Frankincense 2 drops Zendocrine (to support healthy elimination of toxins) Take with meals. If a client cannot eat, then it's okay to skip the pills. Take them with food or else it could be harsh on the stomach. In addition, 2-3x a day, rub in several drops of Frankincense, several drops of DigestZen, several drops of Cedarwood, and several drops of Lavender to the topical area where the cancer is located, i.e. if in the liver or pancreas, rub on the abdomen. Apply several drops of OnGuard, several drops of Zendocrine, and several drops of Grapefruit to the bottom of the feet. Use DigestZen as needed. Rub a few drops into the stomach/intestine area for digestive support. For pain: rub several drops of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Helichrysum, Deep Blue (for a cooling effect), or Aroma Touch (for a warming effect) to the area as needed. For skin lesions (a common side effect): rub several drops of Lavender, Myrrh or HD Clear onto the area as needed. Dilute any oils as needed. Chemotherapy and supportive drugs can cause skin sensitivities. With this post, I am not recommending this as as treatment. You should work with your healthcare practitioner to determine your best choices. The intention of this post is to share in the small miracles that can happen when we give of ourselves, our time, talent and means to help others in need.

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