You Are What You Eat? Is That Scary?

This Was My Problem

When I first signed up with doTERRA, it was because of some chronic issues I was facing, mostly because of lifestyle choices. I was an avid runner and loved to exercise, but my diet was pitiful. It soon caught up to me. I was dealing with chronic migraines, sinus infections, joint pain and miscarriages. It was costing me not only a lot of money, but it was costing me time. After my friend Alisse, introduced me to essential oils for allergies, I was hooked. I began to search the internet for all I could find on how they worked, what other people's experiences were and if there was anything for my chronic issues. What I found was the importance of a lifestyle of wellness beginning with nutrition! This wellness pyramid speaks of those things that contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle. 5173944 I definitely needed to improve! What I found was diet changes were really difficult. I would try to cut out the bad and add the good, but years of habit are hard to break. I exercised regularly, so I was good there, however managing stress was difficult and I didn't know much about toxins or cleansing. What I ended up doing was getting the Premium Kit from doTERRA because it was the largest at the time. I wanted all the oils in there to help with the struggles I was having. I found oils that helped to curb my cravings and helped with pain I was facing. I learned from Dr. Hill (doTERRA's Chief Medical Officer) that combining the following oils in a capsule and taking it 2 times a day helped to reduce cortisol levels and greatly reduce stress and depression, which I was having issues with.

Anti-Depressant Blend

(2-3 drops of each in a capsule):

Roman Chamomile



I began to do a cleanse with doTERRA's GX Assist to get rid of toxins. I used oils for my sinus infections, as well as Clary Sage for hormone balance. But, the thing that changed things to most and did it very fast was the Lifelong Vitality supplements. I began them in June 2010 and by the end of July we were expecting a healthy baby after 4 years of trying, with miscarriage after miscarriage. My sinus infections went away after round of antibiotics for over a year. My knee pain was gone and my migraines are a thing of the past after struggling with them for over 10 years. It's been over four years and I haven't had these health concerns to deal with any more. The Lifelong Vitality is doTERRA's #1 product with a 30 day money back guarantee. What most people are experiencing is Less Pain, More Energy and Better Mental Clarity. I can vouch for that. I wish more people would try them to see you can actually take a supplement and FEEL DIFFERENT when you take it. This is a great video that talks about why it's such a game changer for so many people. If you have questions about it or other products I used to improve my health, let me know.

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