The Big Bad "S" Word vs The Big Bad "E" Word

  • It's All About Perspective


My 3 year old was watching the Sandlot DVD with her siblings and in it they say the “S” word. She started to say the “S” word not knowing what it meant. We laughed and taught her it was an ugly word that we don’t use. I think some people have the same feeling about the “E” word, think it’s UGLY! The big “E” word is exercise and to some it may seem ugly, just like the “S” word. However, just like the “S” word, which if you think about it is actually vital to our health, without it we would die. It’s all about perspective and maybe there is a more polite way of speaking about it. I want to talk about the “E” word in a polite, motivating way. It’s the second most import part of the wellness pyramid after nutrition. I’ve been pondering what I could share that would be of most benefit and it’s come down to what’s called the SLIGHT EDGE principle. If you haven’t read the book, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen, I highly recommend it. It’s a truth that no one can escape for good or bad like gravity. The easiest way to explain the slight edge is thru a story. Since, I’ve had 6 kids, I’ve gone through the weight gain, weight loss cycle a few times. For those who have had a baby, you know that once that baby is out, you are still left with a lot of weight. I thought initially after baby comes out, belly goes back, you slip on your jeans and you're all good – NOT THE CASE, and if it is the case for you, I HATE YOU! LOL 5998816Back to slight edge, when trying to exercise and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I found that if I ate right and exercised that day it didn’t’ do much for getting rid of the inches. This was frustrating. I also found that if I ate poorly or more than normal and didn’t exercise it didn’t do much either. Huh??? So, basically it was easy to say, “That piece of cake won’t matter, I start fresh tomorrow.” And I was right it didn’t really matter in the short run, however that habit compound over time meant keeping on the weight or putting more on. The slight edge means that the little things are what matter the most, but because we don’t get immediate results it’s easy not to do them. However, it’s just as easy to do them. The things that matter most are really easy to do. In reality, it’s easy to go for a 10-minute walk. It won’t kill most people, but it won’t make incredible improvements in their health. Starting a new work out routine isn’t rocket science. It isn’t biking across America. It’s just doing some movement for 30-60 minutes. That’s all. Most people can do it. However, because it’s easy to do and because you don’t get immediate positive or negative results, it’s easy not to exercise one day. However, if you were to exercise 30 minutes for 5 days a week for 30 years, you would be in a much different place physical if you did not exercise during that same 30 years. It’s really the compound effect, people who GET IT most generally exercise in some capacity. This holds true for most successes in life. You can apply it to developing a talent. Take piano for instance. I have 3 children who play the piano. They were awful at first and they would get frustrated. They saw others who played beautifully, even after practicing every day for year, they still weren’t much better. It would have been easy to quit, to say, “This just isn’t for them.” Practicing for 20 minutes one day didn’t create big results the next day and on days they didn’t practice it didn’t create massive failure. 1409937087 The point is to know that the slight edge is a true principle and it’s either WORKING FOR US OR AGAINST US. It’s our CHOICE! That decision I make to exercise that day, really does MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE, because I understand the slight edge principle. What have I found helpful as far as essential oils? I would first ask someone, what their goals are and what may hold them back from accomplishing them? If your goal is to start exercising and you haven’t been because of lack of energy, depression, pain, lack of time? I would suggest oils that address those physical or emotional concerns. Pain: DeepBlue, DeepBlue Rub, Peppermint or Past Tense Energy: Lifelong Vitality Supplements, Mito2Max or Peppermint & Wild Orange Depression: Frankincense, Balance, Elevation or Wild Orange Time, Lack of Motivation: Wild Orange (abundance thinking), Rosemary or DigestZen (creative thinking) For those with a well set routine and want some safe, affordable, effective options to keep healthy or for periodic issues related to exercise, see my Exercise and Fitness Post. I encourage you to start exercising, start small, don’t expect much. You may even feel worse for a while, that’s OK. Because long term you will feel better, you will have a healthier body, mind and spirit. 9422962Our attitude about the big “E” word will have a greater impact on our lives than what exercise we do or not do. It’s our philosophy, the way we perceive something, will ultimately determine our actions. If we have a slight edge philosophy about exercise we are much more likely to do it and KEEP ON DOING IT.

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