My Top 2 Secrets to Weight Loss


Okay the title to this post is not totally accurate, but I'm "suppose" to put something catch to get you to read it, right? The real title is:

CONFESSION: I'm Up 10 Pounds

Seriously! I hid the scale a few months ago because my kids and husband were obsessed with it. Last week, my sons were working on a Boy Scout Fitness Merit Badge and they had to weigh themselves to get their BMI.


Well, of course ALL of my kids weighed more than they thought . . . they are kids and they should be growing, but they didn’t "get" that! ALL of them were devastated except, Minna my 3 year old, who thinks if she weighs more she’ll get to go on the bigger rides at Six Flags. So, I had to do damage control!
I remember how I felt when I was their age and my teenage brother said, “Your butt’s getting big.” Dang, that sticks with you for a very long time. I didn’t want my kids feeling the way I did.
I then jumped on the scale and viola, I had joined them in the unannounced weight gain challenge. I won second place by gaining a wonderful 10 pounds. I know exactly where it came from, but I didn’t feel that bad because I knew part of it was new muscle from Crossfit and part of it was the junk I was sneaking into my mouth. Not a surprise, I’m still working on that!
My heart broke though, when my daughter, Elli, who is 12, almost let slip out the words, “I’M FAT.” She stopped herself by only mouthing them, but it’s the thoughts that really matter.
AND that is what I want to talk about! In my opinion, this is the greatest thing that affects our weight and more importantly our health habits than anything else. We could talk for years about where our beliefs come about ourselves, but that won’t solve anything. Can I share with you the one thing that I believe will make the greatest difference in your wellness journey, whether that includes losing weight, gaining weight, changing bad habits or creating new, better habits?  I also want to share with you what my “diet” consists of that has helped me maintain a healthy weight and life, without all the gimmicks. If you are like most people, you’ve tried a lot of diets, been through the Yo-yo. I don’t even want to go there. You can find millions of blogs and ideas of how to lose weight and be healthy. I’ll be honest, I’ve tried most of them and when I was consistent they worked well, but most weren’t a lifestyle I could maintain. Many times it wouldn’t be healthy to maintain. I want to share with you true principles that have made ALL the difference for me AND my family!

#1 - Our weight is a reflection of our beliefs and thoughts

I work out becauseWhen we understand who we really are and what our body truly is, we can start to change habits that are not consistent with this belief. See, I believe that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father & Mother. We are their sons and daughters and because we are their children, we have the potential to become like them. We all have divine worth, no matter our weight, gender, race, economic standing or IQ. I know I am a daughter of God and that he has given me a great gift, a temple - my body. How I take care of it shows my belief in this fact AND my gratitude for it. I try to eat healthy, exercise, get enough rest, manage my stress and reduce toxins partly because I want to feel good for a long time, but more importantly I want to take care of this gift I’ve been given. Learning what is “healthy” and changing old habits has been my challenge. I grew up with Macaroni & Cheese, Hot Dogs, Pop Tarts and canned vegetables, among other things. I’m learning what real food is and it’s effects on the body and making changes slowly to create lasting change.

But, I’ve always believed my body is a temple and this has been the #1 thing that has helped me maintain a healthy weight despite all the negative and false images of beauty.

#2 - A healthy diet comes down to a few basic principles that ANY ONE can implement.

Of course there may be some who have extreme cases with food allergies and sensitivities, but these basic TRUE principles will give you a standard for making decisions when faced with all the FAD diets and these principles have stood the test of time.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1060"] Slim & Sassy following the Word of Wisdom[/caption] "There is a natural link between religion and diet.  Spiritual health—the first concern of religion—is linked to physical health, and physical health is most influenced by diet.  No surprise then that dietary guidance is given in the first chapter of the Bible.  Adam and Eve after being given dominion over fish, fowl, and beasts, are told to make herbs and fruits their ”meat”.  (See Genesis 1:29.)"1 The Word of Wisdom is a principle of healthy living for our day, despite all the garbage that's labeled as "food".  So this Word of Wisdom is what I live by and what I judge all the "fad diets" and "break through" research that comes out on living a healthy life.

It consists of 3 prohibitions and 4 to-dos:

  • Avoid strong drinks, meaning alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoid the use of tobacco.
  • Avoid hot drinks, defined as coffee and tea (except herbal tea)
  • Eat “all wholesome herbs” in their season. (Herbs are plants without woody stems, usually annuals, notably vegetables and legumes AND essential oils.)
  • Eat “every fruit in the season thereof”.
  • Be sparing in the consumption of meats.
  • Eat grains, for they are the staff of life.
People who observe the three prohibitions are blessed with improved health and longer lives.  Studies in Utah and California show that people who live this lifestyle are healthier and live longer lives.  This guidance is for everyone, anyone can gain these health benefits. Even greater health benefits come to those who eat what is prescribed in the Word of Wisdom—meaning a wholesome plant-based diet with limited meat.  Doctors and scientists have been saying this for over a century, and the evidence just keeps growing.
Unfortunately, our culture makes this exceedingly hard to do.  You have to be a stalwart individual to eat right.  Daily we’re tempted by thousands of unhealthy processed foods, all pushed by billions of dollars in clever advertising.  Journalists say we live in a toxic food environment—the industrialization of our food chain is the saddest legacy of the 20th century. The Word of Wisdom was revealed just as America started the transition from the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Revolution.  In fact, the things prohibited by the Word of Wisdom—alcohol, tobacco, coffee and tea—were the first foods to be industrialized, along with sugar.  With the benefit of hindsight, this revelation is a prophetic warning that in all our industrializing, we must keep our food as natural as possible.  In this society failed. 1

I gauge my diet and food consumption by these Word of Wisdom principles.

It’s made life so much easier. I follow moderation in all things and when I don’t, I know the consequences but it’s easy enough to get back on track. Love yourself and follow these words of wisdom. I promise you will live a healthier, happier life. For those wanting healthy support with weight loss that followings Word of Wisdom Living, here are some resources for you: I would love your comments and feedback. 1 - Word of Wisdom Living  

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