If Essential Oils work so well, why . . . ?

If essential oils work so well, why don't doctors tell us?

That's a very good question someone asked from the survey I sent out a little while back. So I wanted to answer why, "If essential oils work so well, why don't doctors tell us about them." 1. Most traditional doctors go to school to learn about the body, how to diagnose and how to treat. The treatment options they are taught to offer after diagnosis are:
  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Do nothing
  • Refer you to someone else who also will have these three options.
A - Traditional doctors are taught to "Practice Medicine". What type of medicine? Pharmaceutical medicine. Most traditional doctors are only taught about pharmaceutical. They will have pharmaceutical sales reps come to their office, teach them about the drugs their company has sent them their to share, giving them the HEADLINES of all the good a drug does, and then some basic side-effects. Doctors also have to be careful about malpractice. If they prescribe a pharmaceutical drug "appropriately" and something happens to the patient, they are less likely to face a lawsuit. Yes, doctors have to be very careful what they "prescribe". B - Doctors often get kick-backs for promoting certain medication. Soon you'll be able to know if your doctor is promoting big pharma. (check out article here) I often wondered why one doctor would prescribe one anti-biotic brand while another prescribed something else. They do a lot of guess work when prescribing, but it's made easier when a sales rep has "educated" them on their drugs benefits. ;) 2. Some traditional doctors are open to essential oils, but are uneducated about them. Many of these doctors do not subscribe to the BIG PHARMA mentality and try to avoid medications and surgery. Even if a doctor is open to natural or alternative methods of treating patients, who who is going to teach them about essential oils. It's not taught in most medical schools, unless they have an alternative medicine department. 3. TRADITIONAL DOCTORS ARE PROMOTING, PRESCRIBING, TREATING and PERSONALLY USING ESSENTIAL OILS! I think this is the big news. I hear of story after story of people on my team sharing essential oils with their doctors AND many doctors do not want to be treating their families like they treat their patients. They opt for natural, preventative solutions. I have many doctors who are a part of my doTERRA organization who use essential oils. There are many doctors who use them in their practice as well as prescribe them. See references below. 4. NOT ONLY ARE DOCTORS USING, BUT HOSPITALS AND TRADITIONAL CARE FACILITIES. (see below) I will be adding an update listed soon.

My version of the perfect traditional doctor.

  1. Get's an accurate picture of your health before treating, not just your weight, blood pressure, do you smoke, family history, etc. But, actually asks you about some of the biggest determinants of wellness and that's your lifestyle.
    • What is your nutrition like?
    • Do you actually eat Real Food?
    • How much exercise and which types do you get each week?
    • How much rest do you get?
    • How much stress do you have and how do you manage it?
    • What types of cleaners do you use?
    • Do you try to avoid toxins in your food, medicine, cleaning products, skincare, hair care, etc?
  2. After diagnosing the patient seeks to use the following options for treatment BEFORE prescribing a costly, potentially dangerous, synthetic pharmaceutical drug or before performing some type of surgery:
    • Diet changes, including supplements
    • Natural medicine, including essential oils
    • Stress management solutions, including essential oils
    • Natural sleep aides, including essential oils
    • Supports for exercise and weight management, including essential oils
    • Natural solutions for reducing and eliminating toxins, including essential oils (you'd think I like essential oils)
  3. Offers free education on how to live a healthy life, where the focus is on prevention verses sick care.
SOME DAY! I think it will be sooner than we think. So to look at the research regarding essential oils, you can visit PubMed a government website with published research and Aromatic Science a website dedicated to bringing peer-reviewed journal essential oil research to you in a readable format.

Doctors Panel

  • Dr. Paul Winterton, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Dr. Brannick Riggs, MD – Primary Car Physician
  • Dr. James Geiger, MD – Anesthesiologist
  • Dr. James Yorgason, MD – Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist
  • Dr. David Steuer, DMD, MS, MMsC
  • Dr. Brendon C. Stack Jr., MD – Thyroid Specialist

Vanderbilt Hospital

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