All Natural Teething Remedies

Do You Want A Safe Solution For Teething Pain?

Most of my kids were late teething. My youngest (1 1/2) only has a couple teeth. As you can imagine the past few little while has been a real treat. Luckily we have the oils we need for teething.
For gum application
  • 1/4 dram glass vials
  • Clove Bud  DoTerra Oil
  • DoTerra Fractionated Coconut Oil
Add 10 drops DoTerra Clove Bud Oil to 1/4 dram vial, and fill the rest with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Apply when needed directly to babies gums to numb them. Note: as always you should test this first to make sure it is not too *hot*
For Jaw Line
  • 5 ml Glass Roller ball (can be purchased on amazon )
  • DoTerra Lavender Oil
  • DoTerra Roman Chamomile Oil
Add 8 drops DoTerra Lavender oil and 8 drops DoTerra Roman Chamomile fill the rest with Fractionated coconut oil.  Rub along babies jaw line for Relief.  You can also add a few drops of DoTerra's Deep Blue oil as long as you are sure it won't get into the child's eyes. Since my daughter is older I can do this, but you may want to skip that step for younger babies. 

And that's it!! This has really saved us over the past few weeks. Morgan seems to have immediate relief. Although the clove tastes like you are eating a Christmas Tree, she will take it because she knows it makes her feel better.

You can find all these oils in our store, however, I would recommend taking a look at getting a starter kit. It will save you a ton of money and you'll get a free wholesale account that you can make future purchases with and get the wholesale price. :)
All Natural  Teething Remedy

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