Allergies Stink - I Found The Solution

Allergies Stink

I suffered with allergies since my first girls camp at age twelve. I thought I would have to take medication for the rest of my life, until a friend shared a couple of drops of essential oil with me. I rubbed it over the bridge of my nose and POW the allergy symptoms were gone in less than two minutes. NO KIDDING! That is how I fell in love with oils. 
doTERRA came out with this really cool idea for all those who were taking essential oils in a homemade capsule. They put them in a softgel you can buy. Much simpler. We recently stayed in a cabin in Scofield, Utah. We live in California and not in an area with sage brush, so we were all having allergy attacks. The owners of the cabin actually left a bottle of Tri-Ease (lemon, lavender & peppermint) and it worked like magic. Thank you Emily & Korey Wright for your hospitality! Some of our adventures included driving around in their side-by-side and playing on the zipline. 

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