doTERRA Elevate Convention 2013 - Does DDR Prime Kill Cancer Cells?

Does DDR’ Kill Cancer Cells?

Patti Champine MSC shares her research

Does DDR kill cancer cells? Patti Champine, MSC, presented her research at the dōTERRA Elevate
Convention 2013.  Patti is currently a researcher at Utah State University.  She has a Degree in
Biology from the University of Montana and a Degree of Medicinal Chemistry from the University
of Utah.
Here are the slides from her presentation that answers
the question “Does DDR kill cancer cells?”.
YES!! Scientifically proven!
Patti tested DDR Prime Essential Oil Blend on 3 types of cancer: Breast Cancer cells, Brims Breast
Cancer Cells (less susceptible to treatment), and Stomach Cancer.
DDR Prime killed cancer cells at 1.0% dilution or higher even if the oil is only in the area, not directly applied.
The key is consistency, it takes time to penetrate because of the density of cancers cells. DDR Prime capsules are unique because of the delivery system bypasses the liver and other systems.
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What we have been telling you is published again –drink water and use DDR Prime and let go of Cancer producing cells and attitude… via~Dr. Susan Lawton
Empower yourself! Take control of your health & wellness!  
 Does DDR’ kill cancer cells?  YES!! Scientifically proven! Patti's research will be published soon. 

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