Got Asthma?

Got Asthma

Here are some experiences and possible solutions to support proper respiratory function. I have personally seen many children get off their medications by using essential oils. Using essential oils is not a one hit wonder, everyone's body chemistry is different, so you may have to play around with different oils. However, I have never had someone not be successful who was committed to finding a solution. 


"I have a friend who uses Breathe then layers Rosemary on top for her daughter's asthma. This has been very effective for her...but she also diffuses that in her home to kill allergens as well because her daughter is highly allergic to cats (they have an indoor cat) but w/oils she has had no allergic response and is now no longer having to use any of her asthma medications. She is even actively participating in sports, this is huge for her."

"My 9 year old gets asthma and starts wheezing bad whenever he starts to get a cold. The week before I joined doTERRA we had to give him 2 Albuterol breathing treatments to kick it. After I joined doTERRA, he started to get another cold. I put Breathe with Eucalyptus on his back, chest, throat (with coconut oil) and on the bottoms of his feet with socks. I had to apply once more to his chest and back, but he stopped wheezing and fell asleep and didn't wake up the whole night. That may not sound like a big deal to many of you, but to us it was a VERY big deal. Little miracles, you know?"

Suggested Oils:

Oils & Blends: Bergamot, Breathe, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary

Essential oils based products: Life Long Vitality supplements

Also consider: Helichrysum, Lime, Marjoram, On Guard, Oregano, Thyme
Suggested protocols:Asthma varies so much depending on the root cause, age, previous medical intervention, and severity it is difficult to give a “one protocol fits all” summary so we have included below a summary of individual positive experiences and suggestions.
· With asthma, normally do not use cup and inhale or diffusion in hopes of immediately easing the symptoms. Rather use topical or massage applications, starting with gentle aromatic oils like Lavender, then progress to oils with more expectorant properties like Eucalyptus. Finally use Rosemary or relaxing oils for calming.
· Diet, especially if allergies are suspected, is very important. Most recommend avoiding sugars and dairy products.
· Provide a solid foundation of nutrients using supplements like the Life Long Vitality products is also suggested.

To prevent attacks:
Rubbing 2-4 drops of Balance on the bottom of each foot morning and night.
Layer Bergamot after the Balance on the feet if there is stress.
Take a capsule with 3-5 drops of Frankincense in the morning (and evening if necessary).

To help during attacks:

Rubbing 2 – 4 drops of Breathe on the back and chest.

For some it helps to augment the Breathe with Lime or to layer other oils after the Breathe, specifically 

Rosemary and Cilantro/Frankincense.
· Oil Pulling has been the best method some have found for applying the oils with their asthma.
· It is vitally important to find the root cause of asthma. Study the root cause and the triggers that cause attacks to best determine which oils to use and how to apply them.
· If asthma is caused by allergies of some type consider the methods suggested under allergies. The most popular technique is 2-3 drops each of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint in a shot of water, swish it for a couple minutes in your mouth, and swallow.
· Some with mild asthma have carried Breathe (in a bottle or a vaporizer like Vicks comes in) with them to work or school to help with exercise induced asthma.

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