How To Manage Daylight Savings Time

How to Manage Daylight Savings Time

With Daylight Savings time coming up March 9 . . .

we'll be going through a fun change in our home with six children needing to get to bed earlier so they can get up earlier. 

We've found a great solution not only for our kids. We use the mood management oils to help with the transition. 

Hard time falling asleep - Lavender & Serenity Blend work wonders
Lack of energy - Wild Orange & Citrus Bliss Blend mixes with Peppermint are our friends
Crankiness - We use Balance Blend on the feet in the morning
Getting out of the Winter Blues - Elevation Blend hits the spot
Lack of focus - InTune Blend makes it happen

How to Manage Daylight Savings Time 2

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