Mother's Day Promotion - Free Premium Membership

Mothers Day Promotion - Free Premium Membership

If you have been considering becoming a wholesale member with doTERRA, now is the time to do it!

I will be giving away FREE doTERRA wholesale memberships for the month of May to say Happy Mother's Day.

Essential Oils
Essential oils are the aromatic compounds of plants that are responsible for protecting the plant against disease and predators. They are the plant’s first line of defense against pathogens and their therapeutic  benefits can also be used by humans for that same protection against illness to help keep us healthy by fighting off viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.

About doTERRA
doTERRA is the number one essential oil company in the world. They are the ONLY company with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, which are beyond organic and verified pure oils.

doTERRA’s new standard of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils are tested in two independent laboratories to ensure that they are free of fillers, pesticides, and foreign containment’s.

The Benefits of Joining Our Team 
Our team is committed to providing you with all of the support you need for a successful essential oil journey. When you purchase that first order of doTERRA essential oils as a customer or consultant on our team, you’re gaining access to an incredible number of tools, including:

  • Access to our private team Facebook pages where you can learn from other team members and ask questions
  • Access to our password-protected team training website
  • $500+ worth of free training videos
  • Access to weekly team calls, marketing materials, and personal mentorship if you desire to build residual income with a doTERRA business of your own (optional).

I prefer to talk with folks on the phone before they sign up. That allows you to get all your questions answers, and helps me know how I can support you the best. Please email me( to set up a chance to talk on the phone–I would love to chat briefly so I can get to know you!

However, if you’d rather not talk on the phone first, feel free to use the information below to help you with the sign-up process and get your free membership.

Benefits of Becoming a Wholesale Member:
   1) The deepest discount: 25% savings on everything you purchase—no minimums.
   2) The ability to earn commissions & bonuses and build a team.
   3) The ability to earn free products and qualify for promotions.
   4) Access to our private team Facebook page and website.
   5) Access to over $500 worth of free training videos at
   6) A free wellness consult (via phone) with one of my team leaders.

A wholesale/consultant account costs $35 per year. There are no minimums for either buying or selling.
How do I get my free premium membership?
I will reimburse you the $35 enrollment fee with an enrollment order of 150 PV or more. If you chose to enroll with an Enrollment Kit (which will wave your $35 enrollment fee), I will give you $35 in oils of your choice for free.

There are variety of enrollment kits available when you sign up. These are optional, but highly recommended since they give you a good sampling of oils to start out with.

Where Do I Enroll?
You can take advantage of your FREE doTERRA wholesale membership by enrolling HERE: doTERRA Wholesale Membership OR CONTACTING ME AT

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