My Cleanse Protocol

This Literally Saved My Life

My Cleanse Protocol

You can read my full story here, but the short version is I was suffering from many chronic health issues in my early thirties. I had migraines, sinus infections, tooth infections, join pain, depression, lack of energy, infertility - I was a mess. I wasn't getting anywhere with traditional options, so went in search of alternatives. I was introduced to essential oils by a friend. They worked for allergies, so I thought, "Why not try them for my other concerns?" Shortly after delving into essential oils, I came a cross a lot of people who recommended doing a cleanse. Although this protocol was not established 5 years ago, this is in essence what I used from doTERRA. 
In addition, I cut our a lot of processed sugars, and followed more of a candida diet, to rid myself of toxins and yeast overgrowth. It took a few months, but all of my health issues went away. I have more energy, less pain and much better focus and mood. I do this cleanse protocol every couple of months depending on how I feel. I hope it helps you on your journey of wellness.
30 Day Cleansing Challenge

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