Thanksgiving Essential Oil Solutions

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I love the attitude of gratitude. I love being with family and friends as well as all the yummy food and traditions. Here are some ideas for having a Happy Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Essential Oil Solutions

1. Diffuser Blends For The Fall Season

     Do you ever get stressed? Check out these essential oil for stress. Have any family tension? Try one of the blends above. They will help bring harmony and bring in the joy of Thanksgiving!

2. Eat Too Much? Something Not Agree With You?

Eat Too Much

It’s no surprise that many people overeat during Thanksgiving with all the delicious food.  This can cause a lot of discomfort, so aside from not overeating. While I don't recommend you over-indulge, I know that many traditional Thanksgiving dishes are rich in calories and can cause digestive discomfort when eaten in large portions. So, be prepared in advance with DigestZen essential oil blend. DigestZen (ginger, peppermint, tarragon, fennel, caraway, and anise) is the essential oil blend to have on hand. It will help sooth digestive relief and bring normal balance back to your digestive system to help tame that tummy when you’ve overdone yourself a little bit. Tips on how to use Digestzen: 

  • Apply to bottom of feet. For the little ones, you may need to dilute with a carrier oil.
  • Apply topically over your abdomen - this sounds crazy, but it works well and fast.
  • Take internally by adding a few drops into a capsule or try the Digestzen softgels.
  • Add a few drops to your water or soy/rice milk and sip slowly.
  • Apply a few drops under your tongue. If you like the taste of black liquorice, you’ll love the taste of Digestzen because it contains fennel essential oil.

3. Turkey Bowl Anyone?

Turkey Bowl

I don't know about you, but my husband loves to play football and especially Turkey Bowl. He seems to be reliving his high school glory days and loves it. However, when you get those egos together it can make for a wild game. I love using these essential oils for pain and sport injuries.

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