The Perfect Guide to Diluting Essential Oils

[Image] Essential oils are a wonderful blessing in our home, but sometimes knowing how to best use them, makes them more effective and helps them last longer. Learning how to best dilute essential oils with a carrier oil can be a great skill set to have under your belt! This blog post is all about providing you with those skills!

Why dilute?

  • They will cover a greater area.
  • They can be more effective
  • Helps to avoid a sensitivity
  • Easier to absorb
  • Cost effective

What to dilute with?

There are many examples of carrier oils that can be used such as grapeseed oil and olive oil. In our home, we prefer to use coconut oil and actually use Fractionated Coconut oil because it is always in liquid form. We buy ours directly from doTERRA when we purchase our other oils.

How Much to dilute?

This is a frequently asked question and one that varies in answers, depending on who you are diluting for. Here is an image that is a pretty good guide to use for how many drops of essential oil to use for the amount of carrier oil: [insert image]

When to dilute?

This answer can also vary. But here are some basic guidelines:
  • Always dilute when worried about a sensitivity.
  • Always dilute when using with babies or children.
  • Always dilute when working with "hot" oils.

Rollerball Recipe ideas:

Adding essential oils and a carrier oil to a rollerball is a great way to dilute and use essential oils. They work wonderfully with children and are very handy to have on hand. I love using them this way because I find my essential oils don't run out as quick! If my kids are using my actual bottles, it is easier for it to get spilled, the lid to be left off and evaporate, etc. But with a rollerball, when everything is already measured out, they can roll it on to their hearts content. And because the oils are diluted, they are also much safer for them to use. Here are three of our favorite Rollerball Recipes. Click the image to download a printable guide. [insert recipe sheet] As you begin incorporating essential oils into your lifestyle and use them on a daily basis, I hope these tips for dilution are helpful. You can't over dilute and the wonderful thing about pure, high quality essential oils is that a very little goes a long way! Even when I've needed to grab one of my children's rollerballs that are heavily diluted, I can still feel the powerful effects of the oils. Nothing is lost by diluting them for use in that way. To learn more about essential oils and how to best get them into your home, you can attend one of our Webinars, at a convenient time for you. [add button for webinar link]

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