Natural Solutions for Top Athletic Performance

  athlete Whether your fitness level is beginner or advance, as an athlete you may participate in one or more training programs. You might find circuit training or interval training or strength training to be a favorite way to condition your body. Just as there are many ways to build muscle and improve strength and endurance, there is also the potential for injury. Often these injuries are a result of inadequate rest time for muscles and body tissue to adequately rebuild or repair. A few of these injuries might include:
  • Muscle discomfort and soreness
  • Overusing tendons
  • “Runner’s Knee” - a generic term to describe anterior knee discomfort
  • IT Band (iliotibial band) stress/injury - affects approximately 12 percent of runners
  • Shin splints
  • Discomfort in Achilles tendon
  • Stress fracture
Athletes can use icing, heating, resting, etc.,  to increase the body’s recovery time. Essential oils can relieve minor discomfort associated with non-disease states such as muscle discomfort following exercise. Inhaling certain essential oils before a workout can energize and invigorate. Adding whole-food, bio-available supplements gives cells the support they need to enhance restorative and repairing activities. Supplementation can also increase energy levels during a workout to reduce fatigue. An easily digestible protein drink consumed just after a cardio workout gives the body readily accessible protein so it doesn’t have to break down proteins in the body. All these good practices help to minimize breakdown and overuse injuries in the first place, help provide energy, and increase the body’s capacity to restore tissues to good health quickly. Here are a few ways that I use essential oils to support my workouts: #1 -  I like to start my workout with rubbing a soothing blend on my hands and feet to create a cool, tingling sensation. #2 - I like placing a drop or two of peppermint under my tongue to promote healthy respiratory function and clear breathing. #3 - I like to use a high quality lip balm or one that I make myself to keep my lips hydrated. You can use the recipe found HERE to make your own. #4 - I put lemon in my water bottle for drinking. Lemon cleanses the body, supports healthy respiratory function and promotes a positive mood. What are some of your favorite ways to rest and recover from a workout? For more information on Essential Oils or to sample some for yourself, You can check out Essential Oils 101.  

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