White Fir

blog_whitefir White Fir Trees have been used to decorate home as Christmas trees. Native American's used this tree for respiratory support.
  • Common uses of White Fir Essential Oil:
  • When working through difficult circumstances at home or at work, diffuse white fir to reduce stress.
  • After strenuous activity, massage into skin for soothing comfort.
  • On a day when deadlines are approaching, add one drop of White Fir to your shower to evoke feelings of energy and empowerment.
  • Diffuse for an energizing effect.
  • Evokes feelings of stability.
  • Place a few drops on your terra-cotta ornaments for a bright holiday scent.
White Fir blends well with Frankincense, Lavender, Arborvitae, Wintergreen and Cypress. Common Applications for White Fir oil include: applied topically, either neat or with a carrier oil. It is also enjoyed aromatically. White Fir works well for cleaning by adding to a carrier oil and using it as furniture polish. Here is a fun recipe using White Fir. It makes a great gift for the men in your life! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:29]

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