Bergamot Essential Oil

  bergamot essential oil Bergamot was used in the first eau de cologne and is used to flavor Earl Gray tea. Common uses of Bergamot Essential oil include:
  • Calming and soothing aroma.
  • Frequently used in massage therapy for its calming benefits.
  • Diffuse in the classroom, at work, or at home when stress levels or tension is high.
  • Apply to the skin while showering and inhale deeply to experience its calming aroma while enjoying its purifying skin benefits.
  • Change regular tea to Earl Grey with the addition of Bergamot.
  • Apply to the feet before bedtime for a sense of calm and harmony.
  • Add one to two drops to your next DIY skin care cleanser.
  • Diffuse for a sense of self confidence.
Bergamot blends well with Lavender, Patchouli, Lime and Arborvitae. Common applications for Bergamot include: applied topically, either neat or with a carrier oil. It is also enjoyed aromatically. Safety: Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays to applied area for 12 hours. Possible skin sensitivity. Try this Face Wash recipe using Bergamot: [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:35] If you are excited to get started with these oils, I have THREE options for you to choose from!
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