More Diffuser Blends to Boost Your Mood


I believe a lot of people are affected by depression, whether it’s you, or someone you know and love.

I want to be the bearer of good news. We have so many wonderful tools and people available to us that we don’t need to go through it alone. Essential oils are an amazing resource we have, not just for physical health issues but for uplifting and supporting our mood. Many times it’s our physical conditions that can take a toll on us emotionally. When you struggle with problems, it can wear you out. I've found great support from many essential oils. Some of my favorites and what they address emotionally are:
  1. Wild Orange: scarcity, over-serious, workaholism, discouraged, hoarding, envy
  2. Frankincense: abandonment, spiritually disconnected, depression
  3. Grounding Blend: ungrounded, unwilling to take responsibility, disconnected, unstable
  4. Clary Calm: Guarded, closed
  5. Joyful Blend: depression, dark, serious, stern
  6. Woman Blend: unteachable, anger, irritable
  7. Melissa: depression, darkened, dreary, overwhelmed
  8. Ingivorating Blend: blocked creativity, fear of self-expression, low will to live
  9. Peppermint: unbearable pain, intense depression, heaviness, pessimistic, muddled
  10. Rose: bereft of divine love, constricted feelings, broken hear, lack of brotherly
  11. Geranium: abandonment, loss, distrusting, unforgiving, unloving, heavy heart, grief
  12. Sandalwood: disconnected from God, emptiness, materialism
  13. Grapefruit: hate for the body, addiction to food or dieting, eating disorders, anxiety over appearance
  14. Juniper Berry: irrational fear, recurrent nightmares, restless sleep
  15. Bergamot: despair, low self-esteem, self-judgment, unlovable, hopeless
  16. Roman Chamomile:
  17. Cedarwood: loneliness, feeling disconnected, antisocial
  18. Cypress: controlling, fear, perfectionism, rigidity, stuck, tense
  19. Fennel: lack of desire, unwilling to take responsibility, shame, weak sense of self
  20. Helichrysum: intense pain, anguish, turmoil, hopeless, despair, trauma, wounded
I was only going to list a few, but there are so many essential oils that affect our emotions.  I highly recommend you purchase the book, Emotional Healing with Essential Oils, by Daniel Macdonald. As you look over this list, you may see certain emotions that you are loved ones experience. Use the essential oils you have to help support and really pay attention to not only how they make you feel physically, but emotionally. To better understand how this works, I’ll be posting more on my blog. For those of you who have yet to take the plunge into the essential oil world, here is your chance to score a very sweet, Valentines deal from me. You can check it out below. I want to push you over the edge because I am confident you will find amazing solutions to life that will help you better live an extraordinary life that really matters. Please reach out to me with any questions or topics you’d like to learn more about.



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