doTERRA or Amazon, Where to Get the Best Price on the Best Essential Oils

Since doTERRA has become the largest essential oil company in the world, many people are asking, "How do I get the best price for doTERRA essential oils?"Where to purchase doTERRA Essential Oils

The usual approach would be to look online to see if you can beat the price you get directly from doTERRA. Let me preface all of this with, I am the queen of deals. I used to be a major online seller on eBay. I bought scrapbook stores that were going out of business and liquidated the inventory online. I know the ins and outs of getting REAL deals online. I also know all the research and time it takes to actually get a good deal.

Let's look at the facts behind doTERRA pricing and sales.

doTERRA has allowed a handful of retailers to sell on Amazon and eBay. These sales must be at least 10% above the retail price. This is monitored and enforced by doTERRA. If an authorized retailer is selling below this price, they could lose their wholesale account. If a unauthorized retailer with a doTERRA wholesale account sells product below this price they are breaking the policies they agreed to abide by when they enrolled as a wellness advocate.

Thus #1 you are dealing with a dishonest person.

If product is sold on eBay or Amazon below the 10% mark-up price and it's not by a wellness advocate, they have the legal right to do so if they legally obtained doTERRA essential oils below wholesale price. This is the big question. Where do sellers obtain doTERRA essential oils at such a great discount that it makes it profitable to sell them at a price at or below wholesale? This has been investigated. The essential oils sold on Amazon and eBay at wholesale and below wholesale prices are most often obtained by people who have stolen credit cards. They enroll with a wholesale account with doTERRA and quickly purchase a lot of product with the card, then immediately resell this product online. This is a very lucrative business for them because doTERRA essential oils have become such a hot commodity. These essential oils may or may not be unadulterated. There is no way to verify where the oils came from or if they have been opened and diluted unless they are purchased directly from doTERRA. The second way essential oils are being sold so inexpensively on eBay and Amazon is by people actually using doTERRA bottles, filling them with less expensive oils or diluted doTERRA essential oils, then replacing it with a new cap. There is no way you could tell by looking at the bottle if it's been tampered with. Again, the only way to be certain the oils you are using are unadulterated, doTERRA essential oils is to by them directly from doTERRA.

If you are not concerned about getting authentic doTERRA essential oils or you don't mind working with people who lack integrity, then go for the best deal you can get.

Now, if your big concern is being confident in having Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Essential Oils to use for yourself and your family, it's doesn't make sense to gamble with saving a few dollars. Many people who may say this is just a tactic to scare people from buying essential oils on eBay or Amazon, however, I was recently with the owners of doTERRA at the Presidential Retreat and it was confirmed that they are having a big problem with stolen credit cards being used to purchase large quantities of essential oils and it's been traced to sells online. doTERRA has taken measures to reduce these illegal purchases, so you should be seeing less oils being sold illegally at discounted prices online.

Let's take a look at the numbers and advantages of a wholesale account:

doTERRA wholesale account = 25% below wholesale. Let's look at the price of a Family Physician Kit. The wholesale price is $125. I found some Family Physician kits on Amazon for $97, plus $5 shipping so $102 total price. If I were to purchase a Family Physician kit through my wholesale account, I would pay $125 (115pv), plus $7 shipping = $132. However, I get all of my shipping costs back in free product credits, plus I get 30% of the product value (pv) back in FREE product credits. So, 30% of 115pv = $34.50. If I add my $7 shipping rewards and $34.50 Loyalty Rewards points I get a total of $41.50 in free product credits that I can redeem with doTERRA. You can look at it as I get $166.50 worth of product for $132 or you could look at it as getting a Family Physician Kit for $90.50 , plus I KNOW they are doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils - Priceless!

Summary of what you get with a doTERRA wholesale membership:

  1. You get 25% off the wholesale price
  2. A wellness advocate to help you learn how to use your oils and teaches you have to save even more with doTERRA specials and the loyalty rewards program.
  3. A community of support from the team that you join, including free trainings, programs and forums.  AMAZON CAN'T OFFER THIS - EVER!
  4. Yes, people after a year get 30% back in free points through the loyalty rewards program, they get credit for their shipping costs, they pay less tax and can earn commissions. AMAZON CAN'T OFFER ALL OF THIS!
  5. Finally, if you are someone who is gambling with the oils you are purchasing to save a few dollars, doTERRA may actually be a solution to creating more abundance in your life with not only better health options, but being able to get your oils for FREE or even create an additional income. AMAZON CAN'T OFFER THAT!

Summary of Amazon & eBay Sales:

There are a few wellness advocates who have been allowed to sell on amazon. They must sell the oils above the wholesale price. Amazon is not willing to police wellness advocates who sell at or below wholesale on Amazon. However, here is what the majority of illegal sales consist of. 1. Oils bought from doTERRA with stolen credit cards. doTERRA has become such a hot commodity that people can buy the oils and quickly sell the on eBay and Amazon. These oils may or may not be diluted or adulterated. 2. Essential oils that are being bottled in used doTERRA bottles. These oils are either doTERRA oils that are diluted down or they are other brand of oils. People can just buy new caps to put on so the seal is not broken. Thus, when you buy on Amazon, you can NEVER be sure of it's quality. It's like buying an oil from Whole Foods, it may be good, it may not. You could have scored a sweet deal or you could be throwing your money away. Remember cheaper is not always better or we would all be driving a Geo Metro (You may not event know what that is, but I had one without air conditioning and I'm never going back!) Questions? Comments? Feedback? Essential oils offer great support to whatever lifestyle choices you are making. I would love to help you get started today and share with you more on this topic. Click HERE if you would like me to contact you with more information. In the meantime, there are options below if you'd like to get started using essential oils.



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