5 Ways to Naturally Detox your Liver

A detox can help your body to rid itself of dangerous toxins that build up. If done naturally and gently, it can also give your body a chance to rest, repair and regroup. Adding a detox four times a year can be a great way to stay healthy and keep your organs functioning well. Don't detox, not even a gentle one, if you are pregnant or nursing. Focus on Food Spend a week being very careful of what you put in your mouth. Purposefully eat food that naturally detoxify. All fresh fruits and vegetables are great but focus especially on onions, garlic, broccoli, kale, collared greens, cauliflower and red beets. Eat a minimal amount of meat and try to keep that meat limited to fish and poultry. Eliminate Toxins from Diet Be extra careful to eliminate the following for a full 7 days:
  • alcohol
  • smoked and cured meats
  • overly salted foods
  • high fat foods
  • transfats
  • fried foods
Eliminate Toxins from Environment
  • Choose natural cleaning products
  • Drink plenty of pure water
  • Use a diffuser to purify the air
  • Cut down on stress
  • Focus on relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga at least once a day
  • Take a bath or two this week with Epsom Salts
Exercise The body will eliminate toxins through sweat. Try to exercise at least once a day. A good brisk walk and/or HIIT will be a great way to get the heart pumping, the blood flowing and sweat to release the toxins. Afterwards, using the dry skin brushing technique, will also help. Essential Oils
  • Lemon--Add a few drops to water, throughout the day.
  • Peppermint--Add a few drops to a small glass of water and drink, at least once a day.
Essential oils offer great support to whatever lifestyle choices you are making. I would love to share with you more on this topic and see how these oils can bless your life. Click HERE if you would like me to contact you with more information.


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