Spring Forward: Toxin Free Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Ahead From our homes to our yards to our finances, let’s throw out the trash, sweep up those musty corners and spring forward into a life of vitality and health. I’m going to share five spring cleaning items you’re home will thank you for! Set a goal to conquer just one of these a week and you’ll be done before the kids are home for the summer. Item Number One: Bathrooms (tools needed: baking soda, vinegar, lemon essential oil, toilet brush and two microfiber cloths) We’re going to start with the bathrooms because often this is the most dreaded room to clean! Start with pouring about a cup of baking soda into each toilet. You can even buy one box per bathroom and just pour it in. Then add 6-8 drops of lemon oil in each one and let set for several hours. You can even do this first thing in the morning and come back to do the rest of the bathroom later and it will be all ready to go! Use water and vinegar and a few drops of lemon oil to wipe down everything else. It may take a little more scrubbing than commercial cleaners, but it is worth it. Once you have everything wiped down, pour vinegar into the toilet bowl. You’ll think you’re in 8th grade science all over again, but once it foams up well, use your toilet brush to scrub and flush. The last thing is to take the second microfiber cloth, dab a few drops of lemon oil on it and shine all mirrors and stainless steel handles. This adds the shine and sparkle to finish off your bathroom! You’ll leave it smelling great. Item Number Two: Window Coverings (tools needed: homemade Laundry Soap, vinegar, lemon oil  and microfiber cloth) Start by taking all the window coverings down, if they are blinds or shades, leave them and we’ll wipe them down later. If they are washable, get them started in the washer using homemade, natural laundry detergent. Go back to your windows and brush each one down with a broom. This works to get any cobwebs, dust, etc. down and out of your way. Then using the vinegar, lemon and the microfiber cloth to wash the windows inside and out (if you are really brave!) Afterwards, open the window to air the room out and let the fresh, warm air into your home! If you have blinds, take an extra microfiber cloth (do this step before washing  the windows)  and get damp with vinegar and water. Wipe down each slate, top and bottom. Clean out the runners around your windows. Wait for the curtains in the washer/dryer to finish and rehang immediately to avoid wrinkles! Item Number Three: Heavy Dusting (Tools needed: vinegar, Cleansing essential oils and rags) You’re going to love this quick and easy dusting recipe! Get out a bowl and mix a little warm water, vinegar and cleansing essential oils. I love the citrus oils like lime, lemon, wild orange, or grapefruit.  Get a rag wet and then ring it out well until it is almost dry. Wipe down all surface in your house with this. The water will help to attract the dust, the vinegar will help the furniture repel the dust in the future and the essential oil will help polish the furniture making it look fresh and shiny! Item Number Four:  Carpets and Rugs (Tools needed: steam cleaner, vinegar, favorite essential oil) Once a year is a great time to steam clean your carpets. Whether you own your own steam cleaner or you rent one, pull it out and instead of using commerical cleaners, fill it with equal parts of water and vinegar. Add a few drops of essential oils and steam clean away! Item Number Five: Walls and Doors (Tools Needed: vacuum with long extender or broom, mircrofiber cloth, vinegar and lemon essential oil) First you’re going to either use a broom to get all the corners around your house or the long extender piece of your vacuum. You want to get every single pesky cobweb and gathered dust out of there! Then mix up your water and vinegar solution and add a few drops of lemon oil. Use the cloth to wipe down all the rooms. Give yourself a break and a drink of water in between rooms! This isn’t difficult work, but depending on the size of your house, it can get a bit tiring. Do these five things, along with your regular maintenance cleaning and you’ll be amazed at how fresh and clean your  home looks and smells. And what a relief it will be to know that you didn’t put any harmful chemicals into the environment. I used to hate dumping my cleaning water because I never knew where it was safe to dump it! I no longer have that problem! When I’m done cleaning, I simply dump my water on my plants out in the yard and they get all the benefits of those amazing oils! Essential oils offer great support to your spring cleaning. I would love to share with you more on this topic and see how these oils can bless your life. Click HERE if you would like me to contact you with more information. 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