Detox Your Finances

detox your finances Toxic: "Capable of causing injury or death; poisonous". Over the years, through hundreds of conversations I've had, one important thing I've learned is that most people have a toxic financial outlook. Here’s what I keep hearing in my conversations:
  1. Dad works 40-50 hours a week, plus a commute. Family sees him a couple hours on the weekdays and on the weekends. He actually spends most of his time either sleeping or at work. Mom stays home with the kids. They live paycheck to paycheck.
  2. Dad and mom both work, juggling kids and schedules around, living paycheck to pay check. Mom and dad spend most of their time sleeping, working or separate from each other.
  3. Parent or parents make a good income, are financially secure, able to save, get out of debt, but don’t see each other much and work may or may not be their passion.
  4. Families working really hard just to get by or get a little ahead, all while building someone else’s dreams, not their own.
The impact: physical & emotional stress, anger, frustration, guilt, lack of energy, lack of focus, fighting and so much more = TOXIC! I believe all of these situations and the majority family finance situations are toxic. They cause injury, are poisonous to families and in severe cases cause divorce. And in talking with all these people, I have found the following to be missing from their lives:
  1. Families spending a majority of their time together, doing the things they love, that they are good at and are passionate about.
  2. Families completely out of debt, with an abundant savings for not only emergencies but to provide for their families’ needs and wants if they were unable to work or desired to serve in other capacities in life.
  3. Families working together for common goals, verses working apart for someone else’s goals.
  4. Children being taught by example that they really can be, do and have anything they are inspired by.
  5. People dictating their own schedules, working when, where and how often they like, not being told when to be at work, when to take a break or when they can eat food, with little or no job security.
  6. Having no cap to their income, being able to dictate their own raises and not sticking to the traditional 2-5% yearly raise.
  7. Being able to choose who they work with, spending time with those people they enjoy the most.
  8. Families feeling they have the FREEDOM to choose what they want their lives to look like.
Now you may all think I’m nuts. I would have thought that about me a few years ago. I think differently now. I believe there is a better way than the way of the industrial age. I believe the idea of going to college to get a “good” paying “job” working 9-5 is an old, out dated idea from the industrial revolution.  I’m not knocking education, but we do live in 2015 and things are very different and this old idea is not working well for most families. I believe families are the foundational unit of society, yet the traditional financial outlook and jobs are not supportive of producing the best financial & time situations and outcomes for families. I would like to share our story. How did our family get out of the rat race? It seems really by divine intervention. I can’t claim the recognition for starting the process, but I do want to tell you it came as a result of a network marketing company. Now before you click off the page, laugh or say, “she’s just trying to get me to join her MLM”, let me say, I’ve been where you are and had similar thoughts. Many people approached me with their grand ideas, and I simply wasn't interested in their pyramid schemes. Ask yourself the following 12 questions about your current job and see how it can be different through Network Marketing: 1. How secure is your job? For many years, people saw having the same job year after year as responsible and the only way to ensure job security. However, this reality no longer exists and people are searching for a new sense of security. One of the advantages of Network Marketing is that you have income coming from hundreds of places, based on your customer who are creating a lifestyle of wellness.

"The average college graduate will work 11 different jobs in 5 different careers during his life."

2. Do you have financial freedom?  Does your current job or your spouses job allow you to take a month off from work and pay you even more when you return? Or do you have to save for at least a year, just to get a full week of vacation time? With Network Marketing, because your customer are using and buying with or without you, you can take time off and be making more when you return. You no longer have to sacrifice your time for every dollar you earn.

"77% of Americans live their lives paycheck to paycheck."

3. What kind of fortune are you building? Are your or your spouse's long hours of work building someone else's business and fortune? Are you simply making a living while someone else is getting rich? If you are not spending your time building your own business, you are spending your time helping someone else build theirs. Did you know that in doing this, you are not only making a lot less money, but you are also paying twice as much in taxes.

"40% of Americans say only $500 of extra monthly income could dramatically improve their financial situation."

4. Are you doubling your income each year? If you thought you could get excited about a 2% annual raise, how would you feel about doubling that income next year and doubling it again the next year? When you have a Network Marketing business, it is a lot easier to get twice as many families using essential oils next year than the last, which in turn doubles your income. Plus, you end up with hundreds if not thousands of people sharing with others. I started out with just me and in 4 years have nearly 17k people on my team. My income has more than doubled from my six figure income last year and I'm a stay at home mom of 6.

"About 55 percent of Americans say their income is falling behind the cost of living, a poll from Pew Research found earlier last month. Only 6 percent said their income is going up faster than the cost of living."

5. Are you utilizing the Internet? With your current job or as a stay at home mom, are you using the Internet to be effective? The Internet is not only changing business as we've known it for years, but it is quite literally changing the world as we know it. Are you taking advantage of all you can do with this powerful tool to generate income and build a business from home? Will you regret it later on? With only a push of a button, you have the capability of reaching thousands of people and being able to work from home or where ever you want, as well as any time of the day you want. It fits into the gaps and cracks in your life. 6. Is your income self-building? Unlike a typical job, Network Marketing allows for you to build your business to a point where the business begins builds itself. It is this flexibility and continuity that allows you to take a vacation when you want or retire at an earlier age. This is called building a pipeline or creating residual income. 7. Are you still paying off debt?  Even a college degree is no longer a guarantee for a good income and stability. They do, however, come with a hefty price tag. How much is your current job allowing you to chip away at those student loans? Wouldn't it be nice to have an income that wasn't reliant on the degree and also allowed you to pay it off much sooner?

"The average American has $15,325 in credit card debt."

8. How much recognition and appreciation do you receive? In Network Marketing, you are able to build a team of people passionate about the same things you are, your health, your family and your friends. Imagine working with a strong group of people who all want your success as much as you want it? My Network Marketing team is an incredible family of support. 9. Are you surrounded by fun and service oriented people? Much like the question above, it is about the community and environment you work in. Do you find your co-workers are excited about what they are doing? It can be draining to work in a negative environment. On the other hand, Network Marketing has a way of attracting some of the best people. This will help to build a strong, supportive environment for you to thrive in. 10. Do you worry about a shrinking job market? The more the Internet grows, the more that brick and mortar companies struggle and often close down. People have changed the way they shop and where they go for information. One only needs to look at the printed newspaper as an example of jobs that are becoming obsolete. Is your job one that is growing and trending or are you worried you might be the next victim?

"500,000 jobs are being eliminated each year due to technology." (These are jobs that are never coming back.)

11. Is your life rich and rewarding? Are you still dreaming of the someday when life will calm down, you'll be able to afford the things you want and take those trips with your loved ones? Or do you find yourself working harder and harder each day just to make ends meet? Network Marketing is about so much more than just sales. It is about finding success and sharing that success with others.  It is rewarding and fulfilling as you watch others change their lives. It means more time to relax, more time with family and friends, more time to live the life you want.

"We are in the business of changing lives and in the process our lives are changed."

Are you ready to get started? I would love to share with you our family's story and how you can begin this journey:  For a short time, you can participate in my video series for FREE! As the Owner and CEO of five separate companies over the last 12 years with experience as a Marketing Instructor at a private business college, I am ready to share with you my business model and teach you how to build a thriving Network Marketing business that will change your life and do it in the gaps of time you have between work, family, service and fun. If you are looking to make a change in your life... If you are wanting to change the answers to the questions above... If you feel you have more to offer than what you are currently being given the chance to offer... this series is for you! CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED. SP_Full-Logo

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