How I Combine CrossFit and Essential Oils

crossfit_oil I love CrossFit. I have been incorporating it into my exercise routine for a year now thanks to my chiropractor, who happens to own a CrossFit Box. I have learned a lot about optimum working out and healing. Having a few previous injuries, it has been very helpful to me to use the oils with my CrossFit training, and I want to share my routine with you in case it can benefit you and your goals. First, let me give you a little background into this form of training, I have come to love so much.  CrossFit combines strength training exercises in a high intensity way to work the entire body at the same time. The workouts are challenging and varied and the program builds strength while also conditioning the body.  This is not for everyone, but I absolutely love it and the results are amazing. I have never been so strong, nor received so many compliments about my “arms”. I’ve always had skinny, yet flabby arms. LOL! #1  - Vitality Supplement Pack - This is insanity in a bottle - yet it’s all natural, no stimulants. This has really increased my energy, so I can get up at 5:15am, workout, do all the stuff a mom with 6 kids needs to do, plus build a multiple-six figure income AND not need a nap or any type of caffeine. BooYa! These have also helped me have a healthy inflammatory response,  so I can recover quickly and prevents injury. Reducing inflammation also decreases pain. I also feel good mentally and physically when I use these. I actually feel a difference, not like other supplements I’ve taken. #2 - Natural Energy Supplement - This is the Mack Daddy for additional energy support. So, on days with an extremely tough workout or if I’ve gone to bed late, I use these. Again, no stimulants, just natural products that help increase your mitochondria production, the energy engines in your cells. #3 - Pre-workout - I put my CrossFit Blend on any former injuries like my knee, rotator cuff and back, as well as any sore spots. This helps to bring oxygen to these areas, helping them to warm up better and prevent injury. I may also put on a soothing Rub or Peppermint on after the CrossFit Blend if it’s particularly sore area. This drives the oils in deeper. Crossfit Blend:
  • Fankincense
  • Marjoram
  • Lemongrass
  • Massage blend
  • Soothing Blend
20-25 drops of each in a 10ml Roller Bottle, then fill the rest with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Tip: if you don’t have any sore areas or injuries, then I would just use a soothing Rub. I like to wash my hands after applying it because it stays on your hands and can make the bar slippery. However, the essential oils themselves absorb quickly and don’t leave a greasy feeling. IMG_0334 #4 - Endurance Workouts - what I’ve found with using the Vitality Supplements, I have much more endurance than ever before. I’ve always been a runner, but I turned 40 and I’m faster and can handle harder workouts. I also use pop a couple of peppermint beadlets before the workout. It seems to help open my airways and provide focus. #5 - Dry Lips - This one may seem funny, but I’ve always had a problem with dry lips and mouth even when I’m well hydrated. The combination of Peppermint beadlets and a high quality Lip Balm has changed that for me. #6 - Hydration and Cleansing - I put lemon in my water bottle for drinking. Lemon helps to flush toxins from your elimination organs. This decreases “The Stink” from sweat. If we don’t have a build-up of toxins, we won’t have stinky sweat. Also, it tastes great and keeps your water bottle clean. Only put oils in a glass or aluminum water bottle. #7 - Post Workout - After I shower, I put on the CrossFit Blend above or roll-on past tense for any strained areas. This helps to reduce any soreness or stiffness.   Bonus:
  • Hot Gym or Hot Day -  I use tension blend or peppermint before a workout to keep cooler. I rub  it on my neck and back.
  • Digestive issues - I rub a digestive blend on my stomach before the workout
  • Colds/Sore Throat - I use Immune Boosting Beadlets
  • Hand Sanitizer - I create my own sanitizing spray using lemon and protecting blend essential oils. I can use this on my hands as well as any equipment I used.
Additional athletic oils can be found HERE. I hope you have found this to be inspiring for your own workouts and that these ideas will give you support as well. Get out there and do something great today! IMG_0333 I would love to share with you more on this topic and see how these oils can bless your life. Click HERE if you would like me to contact you with more information or if you would like to know what brand of high quality oils and products I use.


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