8 Essential Oils for Labor

8 Essential Oils for Labor This week we’ve been talking about childbirth and how to incorporate essential oils into the birthing process. Today, I’m going to share with you 8 oils that can be used during labor to help with relaxation and preparing the body to give birth. Clary Sage This is a great oil for labor. A few drops can be rubbed on the inner ankle to keep labor progressing and it can even be used to induce labor.  But this latter only works if the body is already ready for labor. It can be used to keep contractions strong and effective and can be used to relieve temporary pain and support circulation. Peppermint Is a great pain reliever for minor pain. Also, it will help with occasional nausea just by smelling it. Lavender This is a great essential oil to use throughout labor. It will promote relaxation and help relieve minor pain associated with labor. You can even use it immediately following birth to help promote relaxation. Rose This oil is great for softening ligaments to prepare the hips and pelvic bones to spread in preparation of delivering your baby. You can put a few drops in bath or massage it on the lower back or abdomen. It is also very good for relaxation. Frankincense Use this oil during labor to relieve pain by rubbing it onto the lower back or tummy. It will also help calm emotions through inhaling it. And if there is any tearing during birth, you can apply this oil with a carrier oil directly to help with pain and healing. Myrrh If your labor stalls, inhale myrrh to help get it going again. It is also good to use on the baby’s umbilical cord stump, after delivery to help it dry and fall off faster. This is a much more natural alternative to alcohol. Helichrysum This is an excellent oil to use on the perineum during delivery to keep it from tearing. It will also help to prevent swelling for you and the baby as it comes through the birth canal. This is also great to use, combined with ginger as a compress. Jasmine The last oil I want to mention is Jasmine. It will help relieve pain and cause more effective contractions. This oil can just be massaged on the lower back or abdomen. So, if you are preparing to give birth anytime soon or know someone who is, pass this list on to them to aid in the process. I would love to share with you more on this topic and see how these oils can bless your life. Click HERE if you would like me to contact you with more information.


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