Fighting off Pests in the Garden

  pestsingarden It's that time of year when the garden is beginning to grow and blossom and the bugs are drawn to your plants. Attracting bees and ladybugs is a good thing, but the same can't be said for snails or other pests. I am always most afraid of squash bugs. They seem impossible to get rid of and can do so much damage to my plants. I like to take a proactive approach and I'm protecting my plants before any infestations can begin! Because I am always looking for natural solutions in all areas of my life, I use essential oils to keep my plants safe, as well as the honeybees who work so hard to pollenate my plants! Here are a few of my favorites: garden oils You can also place a few drops of Essential Oil on cottonballs and place them throughout your garden. Peppermint or Cedarwood are excellent choices for this.  

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