Gardening Fun with Essential Oils

  Do you grow a garden in the summer? Do you have one growing this year? I’m sure that if you garden, you know there are certain things that come along that halt or hinder the growth of your plants. I want to talk today about some helpful tips for helping your garden reach its fullest potential. The wonderful thing about using essential oils in your gardening is that they are completely natural and they work well to help the plants grow and flourish. Support Plant Growth To offer support to your plants, add 10 drops of either Patchouli or Melaleuca to a gallon of water. Put this in a spray bottle and spray down the plants. Do this when there is no risk of sun burning such as in the early evening. Build Strong Healthy Plants Here are a few common vegetables with their companion oils. These herbs can be grown alongside your plants or you can use their essential oil for the plant. They have a symbiotic relationship which makes them stronger when they work together. Strong plants have an easier time fighting off pests and disease.
  • Apples and Lavender
  • Asparagus and Basil
  • Broccoli and Basil
  • Cabbage and Peppermint, Sage, Clary Sage or Thyme
  • Carrots and Sage
  • Cucumbers and Sage
  • Grapes and Lavender
  • Green Beans and Lavender
  • Peas and Geranium
  • Tomatoes and Basil
  • Squash and Oregano or Dill
Weed Control There are several ways to control weeds naturally. One of the first ways is to prevent them by having good quality, organic soil to plant your garden in. If you use the square foot gardening method or container gardening, you know that weeds are not much of a problem. The other best way to control weeds is the good old fashioned way of pulling them out as soon as they start to grow. Attacking them early when they are still tiny is always the best way. If you do get a few stubborn ones that grow and get big and strong among your plants, use table salt and pour right down on their roots. This will help to weaken them so they are easier to pull out. If you have weeds around your sidewalks or other areas that you don’t have plants living, here are a few natural things you can do to get rid of them. Just know that they are designed to kill all living plants, so they can’t decipher between weeds or good plants. Only use where you want everything killed.
  • Weed Spray--Mix equal parts of Vinegar, salt and dish soap. Add water and spray judiciously on the offending weeds.
  • Fire or Water--You can either burn the plants with a torch or pour boiling water on them.
  • Newspaper Cover--Wet down the ground first and then lay out newspaper. This will smother the plants and hide the sunlight, killing them over time.
Hopefully these tips will be helpful to you in finding natural solutions to overcome gardening challenges.

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