Why Are Millions using Essential Oils?


What are essential oils and why are millions using them?

Essential oils come from plants, usually the rind, root, stem, flower, bark or seeds. Common examples of essential oils are peppermint, lemon and lavender. These oils are aromatic compounds that are released into the air. Some of the benefits of essential oils are:
  • They are safe and simple to use
  • They help support many of our body systems
  • They are inexpensive
So this week, I’d love to know: What is your personal experience with essential oils? Do your best to share as much detail as you can because many people need your insight and inspiration. Your story may just be what someone else needs to have a breakthrough. And if you really like this video, go on and share with your friends. And if you haven't tried essential oils, but would like to, click HERE to try a free sample!

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