5 Natural Outdoor Tips

outdoortips I hope you are all enjoying your summer and spending lots of time outdoors! If you are camping, hiking, grilling etc. here are a few natural tips and ideas of helping things so smooth. Flies-be-gone Create a handy fly trap that you can place outside, around your campsite or in the backyard. Simply keep a glass jar with lid and fill halfway with 1 part blackstrap molasses and 3 parts water. You can also throw in a piece of fruit. Use a nail to poke 3 holes in the top of the lid and then screw it on the jar. The flies will be drawn in but unable to escape. Get rid of wasps Do you hate sitting down to a yummy meal only to feel attacked by a wasp? It flies around you and your food and makes the whole experience miserable. Create a trap for them, as well, and enjoy your food in peace! Use an old pickle jar or jam jar that has been cleaned out. Make a hole in the top about the size of your pinky so the wasps can crawl in but will not easily be able to fly out. Fill the jar halfway with orange juice. Smear jam on the underside of the lid and screw it on. Place somewhere in your yard. Poison Ivy or Poison Oak Use vinegar to help neutralize the effect of the poison plant. You can also follow up the vinegar with lavender essential oil, placed in a carrier oil and rubbed into your skin. Tick Repellent Use geranium essential oil in a carrier oil or mixed with water and spritzed on you. This is a great way to keep the ticks away as they do not like the smell of geranium. Lavender can work as well, but geranium is best. Discourage bugs Did you know that if you throw a few branches of sage onto your camp fire, it will keep the bugs away? I don’t know about you, but I hate all the little gnats and things that fly right in front of my face. Bugs are repelled by sage, so whether you use the branches in your fire or simply add some sage essential oil to a spray bottle of water and spray it around you, it should help keep your atmosphere much more pest free! Hopefully these little tips help and you can check out more ideas for natural bug repellents on Monday's Post. If you would like more information about where to get high quality essential oils and if you'd like to try a sample for yourself, please sign up HERE.

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