Skip the Chips - 5 Healthy Snacks



Why do we grab the unhealthy snacks in those weak afternoon moments?

It's called FAST & EASY! With a little prep work, you can quickly grab a healthy snack to satisfy your cravings and boost your energy naturally!

Unhealthy snacks don't last,  you're hungry again within minutes.

Choose a better way and watch how great you feel!

These snacks are fantastic for:
  • Kids when they come home from school
  • Lunches
  • Car travel time
  • After a meal dessert
  • Pre and post workout
These are BRAIN FOODS - they literally restore energy and help you stay focused!

5 Fast, Healthy Snack Recipes

  • Stored in the refrigerator or freezer until they are ready to eat.
  • Divide in little baggies so you can grab & go!

snack_recipes--downloadable PDF

More Snack Ideas

  • Cut up fruit and place in baggies (add a little lemon juice or citric acid to apples so they stay fresh)
  • Cut up veggies for a quick grap
  • Have small baggies of hummus or ranch for dipping (or eat plain)
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Home made granola & plain Greek yogurt
  • Protein smoothie

The best part about healthy snacks is you don't overeat!

When protein is mixed in with every snack and sugar levels are natural and low, you feel satisfied much quicker than with traditional snacks.

TIP: Combine a protein with your fruit or veggie snack.  (ie Eat add a little nut butter to your apple or celery)

Essential Oils for Healthy Snacking

Metabolic Blend -helps manage hunger cravings

Grapefruit - diffuse a couple of drops to increase motivation

Peppermint - for an energy boost

Tangerine - boosts energy & excellent source of antioxidants

Cinnamon - supports healthy metabolic function

Also, in the recipes above, essential oils are mentioned. These essential oils are added to help support proper body functions. If you are new to essential oils, please click HERE to request a free sample!

Try one of the snack above and give me some feedback!

Leave a comment below and share your experiences of taking back snack time!

For additional snack support, try adding essential oils.

Check out our Webinar on tips and ideas for eating well and spending less!

**Ramona's Google Doc for weekly meal planning.

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