How to Effectively Use Essential Oils Aromatically

aromatically The Aromatic use of essential oils is generally regarded as one of the gentlest way to use them. It is also very simple and has many benefits.

Aroma Affects our Emotions

Essential oils can be a great support to one’s emotional wellbeing. Something as simple as the ambient scent in a room can change the atmosphere. It is why Real Estate agents will often tell their clients to bake bread when they are expecting someone to come look at the house. It creates an atmosphere of home and comfort. Essential oils can do this same thing.

Aroma Effects our Mood

We've already discussed how aromas can create or change an atmosphere. They can also effect our mood. Think about the smell of fresh laundry or the brand of lotion your grandmother used. You can probably link that thought with a feeling in your mind. This is because the olfactory nerves are linked directly to the central nervous system. Aroma is powerful.

 Aroma Affects our Memory

Our olfactory system is linked right into our central nervous system. It isn’t surprising then, that certain essential oils can be invigorating to our system, while others slow it down. Peppermint essential oil is energizing, and can affect alertness. I know when I’m alert, I remember things more clearly than when I’m sleepy.

Here are some ways to easily use essential oils aromatically:

Direct Inhalation

You can simply open a bottle of oil and breathe it in right from the bottle. One of my favorite ways to directly inhale is to put a drop in the palm of my hands, rub them together, then cup my hands over my mouth and nose and breathe deeply. I like to inhale 5 times to get a quick change of mood.

Cup of Warm Water

Add warm water (that can still be safely touched) to a mug and drop in a few drops of essential oils. Breathe it in slowly.


Making your own sprays is a great way to use your oils. A couple drops of lavender in a bottle of water makes a great linen spray. Spraying your sheets before bed is a great way to smell the oils all night long. I talk about more tips in the following video: There are many ways to use essential oils aromatically, and endless oil combinations. Which will you try first? Share with us in the comments some that you try and let us know what you think! And if you really like this video, go on and share with your friends. And if you haven’t tried essential oils, but would like to, click HERE to try a free sample!

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