How to Effectively use Essential Oils Topically

topically Applying essential oils topically is a great way to enjoy the benefits and support of essential oil. Because they are fat soluble, they absorb quickly.

Here are some ways you can most effectively apply essential oils topically:

Apply Neat By putting a drop or two of oil directly on the bottom of the feet, this is called applying it neatly. The best place to apply oils in this manner are on the bottom of the feet. Because the skin on the feet are tougher than other areas on our body, they won't be as sensitive and there are large pores which help to move the oils quickly into the blood stream. Dilute the Oil When you use another oil such as coconut oil or olive oil mixed with the essential oil, to rub it in, this is an effective way to dilute. Diluting can be beneficial if the oil is one you might be sensitive to. Massage When you combine the oil with massage it increased blood flow to the area and speeds up the process of absorption. Moist Compress Using a moist compress is another great way to most effectively help support your body with absorbing the essential oils. The moisture will help drive in the oils as needed. Bath Using essential oils in the bath is a great way to enjoy them aromatically and topically. Use something like Epsom Salts to help disperse the oils throughout. Reflex Points Applying oils to the reflex points is an effective way to target and offer support to specific body systems. Layering The last way to use oils topically is to layer one oil on top of another. To learn more about these ways and personal experience I have with it, watch the video below: Which way is your favorite to apply essential oils topically? Please share in the comments some of the blends you enjoy using topically. And if you really like this video, share it with your friends! If you haven’t tried essential oils, but would like to, click HERE to try a free sample!

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