What's with the Weight?


For many of us, weight management is a pretty big priority in our lives. Weight gain can result from an increase in muscle mass, fat deposits, or excess fluids such as water.

 The most common causes of weight gain are from excessive eating and poor nutrition. Food is made up of calories, or units of energy. Physical activity and normal body metabolism burn calories.

 When a person takes in more calories than the body uses, the extra calories are stored as fat subsequently enlarging or decreasing the “size” of fat cells depending on the balance of energy in the body. When fat cells build up or accumulate, it causes increased fat.


There is a lot of truth to this statement. Healthy weight management is not about dieting or yo-yoing with your weight. It isn't about losing it now just so you can find it with the next holiday! Healthy weight management is about living a lifestyle with good nutrition and daily exercise. 

Essential oils and whole-food supplementation can be powerful allies in the process of maintaining a healthy weight. Essential oils can support the body’s insulin response, reduce cravings, and provide a feeling of satiety. Supplements can give the cells the energy they need to carry out proper body function, including extra fuel for working out. Digestive enzymes help the body break down and utilize nutrients for maximum support.
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