Natural Solutions for Everyday Discomforts

discomfort Discomforts are a part of every day life. They can come in the form of muscle aches from exercise to many other triggers and stressors such as a simple cut. This is the body's biological response to anything the body may consider unsafe. Healthy discomfort is part of the innate immune system, which responds to pathogens with an automatic general response. The aim of this response is to clear tissues and cells of anything harmful and quickly repair. This type of discomfort in not a negative thing as much as it is a healthy body response to something different. Understanding the role that discomfort plays in our bodies, helps us know how to soothe those minor discomforts when they come along. Many natural solutions are available to ease and soothe tired joints or muscles. I love having lots of tools at my fingertips to maintain a balanced life of wellness and vitality. Here are a few things I use in my home: USAGE TIPS--Best practices for essential oil use for relieving minor discomforts: TOPICAL: Very effective for many situations; most importantly, apply oils directly to any area of concern remembering to use a carrier oil if necessary to prevent sensitivity. Apply often, every 20-30 minutes, then reduce to every two to six hours. Layering is also very effective for using multiple oils at the same time; apply one at a time. INTERNAL:  Place oils in a capsule or drop under tongue (hold for 30 seconds; swallow). Here is a video that shares how to use Deep Blue, a product by doTERRA that is great for soothing muscles and joints: And here is a recipe for a Joint and Muscle Rub: [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:44] A warm bath is always welcome after a long day. Here is a great recipe for a hot soak:
  • Mix 4 drops black pepper, 2 drops  rosemary, 1 drop ginger into ½ cup Epsom salt.
  • Add to a bathtub of hot water and soak for up to thirty minutes.
  • Remember to drink lots of water while soaking and thereafter.

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