Four Tips for Maintaining Emotional Health

blog_emotionalhealth As we wrap up February and our discussion of emotional health and well-being, I thought I would address something I feel passionate about. Living a life of balance and wellness comes from making choices that put us in the right place at the right time. We have all heard, over and over again, things we can do for a healthy life. But making these activities a priority will help us live the life we want to live. As I outline the steps below, read through them and see where you are doing well and where there might be room for improvement. Each us should do weekly or monthly inventory on where our daily habits are leading us. It is also nice to see how we can incorporate essential oils into these daily habits! Tip 1--Diet and Exercise A healthy diet of whole foods is something we can all strive for! Adding essential oils to these foods and meals is a great way to add flavor and a boost to favorite, fresh meals. To see some of our healthy recipes, click HERE or perhaps you'd be more interested in trying out one of our food challenges HERE! When it comes to health and fitness, isn’t it nice to have cutting-edge natural products on your side? Can you imagine the benefits of all-natural freshening and cleansing sprays for your body and workout equipment? Can you picture keeping your metabolism active with pure, zero-calorie essential oils? Are you looking forward to more easily warming up and cooling down your muscles and effectively relieving muscle soreness? Get ready for essential oils to maximize your efforts and help you reach your fitness goals! Find more specific recipes and ideas for essential oils to use with your fitness routines HERE. Tip 2--Schedules and Routines Schedules offer a way to plan ahead and be prepared. Routines give the benefit of something becoming habit and can be done without hardly even thinking about it. Creating a healthy lifestyle means making it a priority and scheduling it into your life. At first, it will be difficult and you'll need lots of reminders. But over time, with consistent effort, these things will become a routine part of your daily life. Concentrating on one thing at a time, for maybe a month or so, is a great way to begin without getting overwhelmed. Maybe its as simple as remembering to take your vitamins with breakfast. Set a timer, if it helps and add this to your day. It may also be using a roller bottle of essential oils on your feet before bed. It can help you support relaxation. Here is a favorite blend of mine: Layer vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli, and ylang ylang on feet before bed. Tip 3--Essential Oils and Massage Massage can be a great benefit for all of us and is a great way to let go of the events of the day or the week and support relaxation. Combining massage with essential oils will increase the effect even more. Here is a list of oils that many enjoy with massage:
  • Aromatouch Blend
  • Vetiver
  • Wild Orange
  • Elevation Blend
  • Balance Blend
  • Patchouli
Tip 4--Unplug In this day and age, limiting technology can be difficult. Finding a balance between spending time outdoors, getting plenty of exercise and having time to engage with screens can be tricky. Perhaps adding it into your daily schedule and taking time during the week to purposefully unplug, will help this become more of a habit. This is a great time to breathe deeply, enjoy sunlight and fresh air. Maybe it could be spend curled up with a good book. Whatever way you choose to unplug, know that this will be cherished time to help support your emotional health. To get started using essential oils , please check out Essential Oils 101.
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