Bringing Aromatherapy Home

aromatherapy in the home Often when we think of aromatherapy we think about going to someone who specializes in "that sort of thing". It may seem a little abstract or adding a few steps to our already busy lives. One of the things I love about essential oils is that I have been able to bring them into my home, incorporate them into our routines and use them on a daily basis. This has been very empowering, as a mother, and I'm excited to share a few of the things that work for us.

Safety: Can I safely use essential oils in my home?

Absolutely. There are a few safety guidelines we practice and you can read more fully about them HERE. But in a nutshell, we most often mix oils with a carrier oil, not only to dilute but also to help "carry" the oil in through massage. We also never put essential oils in the eyes, ears or nose. And we exercise caution with any of the photosensitive oils (such as lemon and other citrus oils) in not going out in the sun after direct application.

Daily Routine: What are some examples of how you use them in your daily routine?

Let me walk you through a typical day in the Paulsen household and how we incorporate essential oils into our routine: Wake up and shower. I use doTERRA's natural shampoo and conditioner that contain essential oils. They contain essential oils that act as a serum and, also, leaves a nice, fresh smell in my hair. If I was to shave my legs on this particular day, I rub a scoop of coconut oil on my legs and use it like shaving cream! You will be impressed at how awesome coconut oil works for shaving! Wash my face. I scoop out a marble-sized amount of coconut oil and put it on my hand. Then I add a drop of Cedarwood and a drop of Geranium essential oil to the coconut oil. I rub this mixture all over my face and let it sit on my face for a minute. I then take a HOT washcloth and set it over my face to lightly steam and open my pores. I then use the washcloth to remove the oil and rub circular motions over my face. Pat dry with a towel and then make my husband feel how soft my skin is! Get dressed. I have my favorite everyday oil on my dresser. Balance essential oil is doTERRA’s “grounding” blend and I use it daily to support me with my busy schedule. I add a few drops to my neck and wrists and sometimes my diffuser necklace. Brush teeth. I use OnGuard toothpaste (doTERRA’s protective blend) and Peppermint. Get kids up and ready. I apply InTune on my kids (to the back of their neck) as they are eating breakfast. InTune is a doTERRA blend and it’s great for supporting a healthy thought process throughout the day. I, also, apply this to myself when I am sitting at my desk and working (like right now!) Turn on diffuser. I use a diffuser daily and add different essential oils to it. In the morning I like to diffuse Citrus Bliss, which is a very uplifting blend that smells delicious. If I am at my desk and working (like right now) I diffuse Elevation (doTERRA’s uplifting blend) or Balance. Morning supplements. I take doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality Supplements, and different essential oils in the morning. I apply 15 drops of grapefruit essential oil under my tongue and then swallow. Throughout the day. I drink water a lot throughout my day and most the time I add lemon essential oil to it. Lemon naturally cleanses the body and tastes good too! I add Balance to my body throughout the day as needed. I take DigestZen or ginger, in a capsule, to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract. I use peppermint and PastTense to relieve head and neck tension. I use OnGuard daily to protect against seasonal and environmental threats. At night and for bedtime. My kids love their nightly oil routine. Some nights they get a bath using whatever oils I feel like putting in there. When they get out of the tub, they each get Serenity (doTERRA’s “calming” blend) on their feet.  I apply Frankincense on the back of their neck, down their spine to promote a healthy, growing body! When the kids are in bed I like to diffuse Serenity. That’s it! Like I said above, we adjust this as needed but for the most part, this is what we do each day.

Application: Are there special ways to apply essential oils?

Great question! There are three main ways to apply essential oils. These can be done topically (i.e. massage), aromatically  (i.e. diffuser) or internally. Each oil is different in how it is best applied. Often, in my posts here about each individual oil, I will give application tips for that specific oil. One of our favorite ways to apply essential oils is through the Aromatouch Technique. You can read more about it and see visual aids for it, in this post HERE. I hope you have found these ideas simple to use and helpful as you picture a life with essential oils! I would love to answer any questions and help you get started so you can have these tools in your own home!

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