Children--Tips for Giving Them a Life of Wellness

children and wellness Childhood is a magical time of make believe and adventures. Children have an energy and zest for life that is coveted by adults everywhere. Helping kids learn good and healthy habits will prepare them for a life of wellness. Perhaps this is one of the best gifts we can give them! Here are a few tips I am trying to give to my children and want to pass on to all of you! Diet and Exercise--This is a great place to start! I like to teach my kids from an early age to appreciate and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. One of the ways we do this in our home is with smoothies! My kids love smoothies! We also love salads. Look at this cute picture I shared on Facebook a few weeks ago of my youngest baby thoroughly enjoying her spinach salad! children wellness My husband and I love Crossfit and our kids see us being active each day. They have begun to follow in our footsteps. This is a great way for kids to gain a lifetime habit of being active! Several of my kids are involved in Volleyball, Cross Country and other sports. I love watching them compete and push themselves to reach new goals. Essential Oils--Most children naturally love essential oils, and many seem to know what they need and when to use them. They respond particularly well to opportunities to discover their favorite oils and make their own personalized roller-bottle blends. I love watching my kids smell and apply essential oils. I have taught them, from a young age, how to use them safely and I am always there to oversee, but it is fun to witness them test out their intuitive nature when trying oils. Here is a video of my youngest again, as we were getting ready for church: Teaching children self care at an early age creates an empowering environment in which they may grow and advance as confident and balanced individuals. Essential oils offer an excellent opportunity to participate in this self-care process. When partnered with children’s nutritional supplements and a healthy diet, a foundation of health is laid that positively affects a young person’s health status for decades to come. As a busy mom of six, I always try to be prepared. These items are a must have in my diaper bag:   Children are particularly responsive to aromas and healthy touch. Simply smelling or experiencing the application of an essential oil followed by a simple massage technique is very comforting to a child. Many real life situations have demonstrated that a room full of children under a variety of circumstances have a nearly universal positive response in mood, outlook, and behavior through the diffusing or dispersing of essential oils into the air. I hope you find some of these ideas helpful or have given you something to think about. What are some things you do in your home to help your children create positive habits? I'd love to hear from you! And if you are interested in getting started with essential oils, click the button below!  

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