Natural Child Birth


Shhhhhh…..don’t tell anyone that I am going to deliver my baby at a…..birth center.

My decision was made, my husband was on board, a midwife found, and the doula was hired. I would be delivering my fifth child at a birth center (I really wanted to do it at home but couldn’t find the courage for that, yet). Everything was in place so why did I feel like I was on a top secret mission? If my family or neighbors or friends knew that I was choosing to have a natural birth at a birth center and not at a hospital they would freak out. Why? “Because the hospital is where mothers go if they want their baby to be safe. Only crazy people do it any other way (in my best sarcastic voice)!” I had heard all the horror stories and I knew what they were going to say. So, I was sworn to secrecy as to not hear their negative remarks. It’s not like I wanted to purposefully be negligent and careless with the life of my unborn child. In fact, the reason I was taking the Au Natural route was because my obstetrician wanted to perform another C-section since my previous child was breech. This didn’t make sense! My doctor was willing to put me under the knife simply because it was “protocol” for women with prior C-sections to continue to have C-sections? All the statistics show that the chance of complications associated with a C-section was higher than complications with VBAC. Did this woman know the risks associated with multiple C-sections ? Well, I took the plunge and guess what? It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Birthing my baby natural was not only the most powerful and healing experience but it was also pain-free! You heard me right…..pain free! Look up Hypnobabies if you want to know more. It was a beautiful experience and I created it, every single piece of it. I wasn’t dependent on the doctor to save me from my body, I wasn’t mistreated by nurses, I wasn’t on display for every doctor in training to learn how to use forceps ( my experience with my first baby), and I wasn’t left to feel powerless in childbirth. I discovered that my body was capable and strong, created to bring babies into this world in complete peace. I felt like I had just run a marathon, completely exhausted but so strong. If I ever have another baby I will birth at home in the comfort of my own room just like women have been doing since the beginning of time….at least up until the 20th century, and I will be confident that my amazing body can create another powerful experience that will bond me to my baby like nothing else can. Guest post written by Becky Tingey

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