Essential Oils and Seasonal Discomfort

blog_seasonaldiscomfort Seasonal discomfort can occur when the body reacts to foreign substances in the environment such as pollen, bee venom, or pet dander. It is most common in the transitions of one season to the next, such as Winter turning into Spring. Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils, are known for their ability to support clear breathing and a healthy inflammatory response when combined together. A drop of these oils can also be applied topically under the nose or diffused.  They are a powerful way to protect yourself from seasonal and environmental elements and to relieve seasonal attacks. Among the greatest attributes of essential oils is that their safety and benefits extend to all members of the family—no one is excluded, even young children and infants. Because of their potency, these essential oils are capable of offering immediate benefits and relief. The combination of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint can be used on children, especially if combined with a carrier oil. The three oils can also be diffused into the air for everyone to enjoy their benefits. We love to place equal drops of these oils (6 drops each) in a glass roller bottle and fill the rest of the way up with fractionated coconut oil. This makes it easy to rub on the feet every morning or night at times when seasonal attacks may be most common. doTERRA also carries a product called, TriEase, which is in capsule form and can be taken as needed. Here are some uses for this product:
  • Take TriEase before gardening this spring.
  • Take before going out to feed horses or cows.
  • Use when hiking during Spring or Fall.
  • Protects against seasonal and environmental elements.*
  • Cleansing to the body’s systems.*
  • Calming and balancing effects, internally and externally.*
  • Promotes clear breathing and healthy respiratory functions.*
  • TriEase helps you through changing seasons by protecting against environmental threats.*
  • Take TriEase daily during times of seasonal discomfort or to maintain clear breathing.*
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