Adjusting to Daylight Savings Time

blog_daylight It's been a week, and chances are you've adjusted to the change in time and your body is on its way to resetting its normal sleep cycle. But life is full of unexpected and expected interruptions that can sometimes thrown our schedules out of whack. Whether it is a planned semi-yearly thing or a trip skipping multiple time zones or the birth of a new baby, we can sometimes find ourselves lacking in sleep. If you are caught up on sleep, an hour or two of adjustment won't affect you for long. Your body will rebound quickly. However, if you are already behind, you may find yourself a little more groggy for a few days. Here are a few things you can do to give your body some support and help maintain healthy sleep habits.
  1. Use light to your advantage. When it is light outside, try to get out and enjoy it. Open up blinds, let in the light. And when it begins to get dark, minimize your exposure to light, especially bright lights. This will help your body begin to prepare for sleep.
  2. Diffuse essential oils in your bedroom. I love to turn on my diffuser with a few of my favorites, such as Lavender or Cedarwood.
  3. Spray essential oil on your pillow. I love keeping a bottle of Lavender next to my bed and spraying just a bit on my pillow before bed.
  4. Get up on time. This one is the hardest one because often we don't feel like getting up at our normal waking time when that hour has been adjusted. But it will help us recover quicker if we can honor that waking time.
  5. Go to bed on time. Much like the one above, this is also important. Even though it won't be the same time you may normal be used to going to bed, adjust to your new normal by making this a priority.
What if you have children? If you are a busy mom, like I am, you've probably noticed that they don't love the new time change either. Applying the above tips will also help them adjust. I also like rubbing Cedarwood Essential Oil on their feet 30 minutes before I want them to go to bed. The massage and touch is enjoyed by them and it helps send them the message that bedtime is near. In conclusion, don't worry about small sleep disturbances or feel that the effects from them will last forever. Follow these simple tips and you'll quickly forget all about the adjustment. pin_daylightsavings  

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