Getting the Yard ready for Summer

yard tips Now that we are into April, summer is right around the corner. This is a great time to get our yards cleaned up and ready for planting and hot weather activities. Below are a few natural ideas to help your yard grow and flourish this year and help you enjoy it to its fullest.

Out with the Old

The first thing you need to do is clean up the stuff leftover from Fall and Winter. The wind has a way of blowing garbage, extra leaves and other debris into the corners of your yard. Get out your rake and broom and clean this all up.

Prepare your Walks and Drives

Did you know that straight vinegar will help to discourage weeds and other unwanted things from growing. Start off the year with pouring it straight over cracks in your sidewalks or driveways. It will kill grass so be careful to only get it in those pesky places you want to discourage unwanted weeds. Maintain these spots by repeating on a monthly basis.

Aerate your Grass

Aeration allows the grass to breathe, and also enables water and nutrients reach the root system more efficiently. Aerate in early spring. Many experts suggest aerating your lawn every 1 to 3 years, but high-traffic areas may require more-frequent attention.

Enrich Plants with Essential Oils

A great way to get your plants, flowers, bushes, trees, etc. ready for summer is to give them a little EO boost! For each of your trees add 3 drops of melaleuca oil and 3 drops of rosemary oil to a gallon of water and pour around the trunks. Do the same for each of your bushes and plants, using a gallon of water for multiple plants at a time.

Encourage the Honey Bees

I love doing things to bring the bees to my yard! They help to pollinate everything and happy, healthy bees are an important thing in nature. Add 6 drops of Wild Orange to a spray bottle of water. Spritz over your flowers as they start to bloom. Do this multiple times throughout the season. These are great tips you can start doing right now to help have a beautiful yard all summer long. You'll also know that everything you have done is chemical free and completely natural so no worries about children wandering through your yard or your pets.
yard tips

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