5 Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

cleaning hacks with essential oils There is nothing easy about keeping a house clean. You want it clean, you think about cleaning, you get busy and distracted, you finally get it cleaned and then it is dirty again. But if you're not cleaning your house correctly, some items may stay dirty. We've created a list of these 5 Cleaning Hacks you'll wish you've always had but will be glad to know now! They are quick and easy but will keep your house looking and smelling cleaner!


Let's face it, no one enjoys cleaning a toilet. We just like having them clean and shiny. We know the importance of regular scrubbing and cleaning, but how often do you get to the back of the toilet? And if you have kids who clean bathrooms, it's probably safe to say the back of the toilet never gets done.
A quick and easy way to get this done is to take a few paper towels and roll them up like a long cigar. Use an all-purpose cleaner, like the one we have on our cleaning page to spray and wet the rolled paper towel. Then use it to floss behind the toilet and around all the little gadgets that are hiding back there.

Workout Clothes

Just because you toss those yoga pants, sports bra and top in the washer after your sweaty workout, doesn't always mean your detergent is getting all the odor out. Have you noticed that after a few wears (with washes in between) you barely break a sweat to find that you are already starting to smell? To combat this, keep white vinegar, baking soda and lemon oil on hand. When you start your load of laundry, add in about 1/4 cup of vinegar, sprinkle in a little baking soda and a few drops of lemon. You'll find they smell much better at the end of the cycle! For really bad sweat stains, make a paste with the three items, get an old toothbrush and scrub it into the spots, then wash like normal.

Garbage Disposal

This one is one of my favorites to keep clean because it can be so quick and easy. First, I keep a tray of homemade ice cubes in my freezer. I make the ice cubes with water and a drop of lemon oil added to each one. Let them freeze and each night before bed, after all the dishes have been cleaned, I drop one ice cube down the disposal and turn it on. Super easy and keeps the sink fresh and clean.

 Wooden Cutting Board

Have you ever scrubbed your wooden cutting board to only feel like it just isn't fully clean? There seems to be all those little crevices made my knife marks making it hard to really get everything out. The next time you want to scrub your cutting board, mix a handful of coarse sea salt with a few drops of lemon oil. Sprinkle it onto the board and scrub.

Bath Towels

If you are using dryer sheets to dry your towels, did you know that leave behind a coating every time you dry them. This makes them less absorbent. To avoid this, dry your towels with 2 dryer balls instead. You can even add a couple drops of lavender essential oil and citrus bliss to make them smell heavenly when you take them out.
Hopefully you have found these quick and easy tips helpful and enlightening. Just because we have to clean, doesn't mean we can't enjoy it just a little! And anytime I can find ways to add in essential oils, it makes me enjoy it that much more!
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cleaning hacks with essential oils

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