Cleaning with Essential Oils

cleaning with essential oils

Many essential oils are great for cleaning your every day household items. They are all natural and can be a great choice over store bought cleaners.

The other great thing about using essential oils for cleaning is they can be combined with other items you may already have around the house, such as vinegar, baking soda, etc.

For detailed recipes, you can check out our Cleaning Page.

If you are brand new to essential oils, here are a few suggested oils to try experimenting with:

Essential Oils Recommended for Cleaning:

1. Scrubbing Oils: OnGuard, lemon, Purify, melaleuca (tea tree oil), lime, cinnamon,

thyme, and peppermint.

2. Deodorizing Oils: Purify, peppermint, clary sage, melaleuca, lavender, geranium,

and eucalyptus.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips:

1. Diffuse OnGuard into the air to help clean the air. No work involved!

2. Mirror Cleaner: Place 1-2 drops of a scrubbin oil (listed above...try lemon!)

with 1 tsp. of white vinegar in a 1 oz. bottle with water. Shake well, and spray

on mirrors. Use a dry rag, or even newspapers, to wipe off.

3. Shower Spray: Mix 5 drops of lemon and 5 drops of white fir with 2 oz. water in

a small spray bottle. Spray on bathtub or shower.

4. Deodorizing Spray: Place 5-8 droops of a deodorizing essential oil (listed

above) in a 1oz. spray bottle, and fill the remainder of the bottle with water.

Shake well, and spray into the air.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips:

1. All Purpose Spray: to make a cleaning spray, mix 5-8 drops of a scrubbing

oil and blend with 1oz. of water in a spray bottle. Shake, spray on counters,

cutting boards, refrigerator, garbage, microwave, and other surfaces.

2. Counter Cleaning: Add 1-2 drops of lemon, OnGuard, or another scrubbing

oil to a damp rag, and wipe down counters, tables and stoves.

3. Dishes: Add a few drops of lemon to dishwater for sparkling dishes. You can,

also, add lemon to your dishwasher as well.

4. Trash Can Deodorizer: Add 3-5 drops of a deodorizing essential oil to 1 TB of

baking soda and mix well. Sprinkle into the bottle of the trashcan!

Laundry Tips:

1. Washing: Many people make their own, I honestly don’t have time for that.

Two solutions, OnGuard Laundry Detergent or you can add a few drops of

Purify or OnGuard into the wash water.

2. Gum/Grease: Use lemon or Citrus Bliss to help get gum or grease off clothes.

3. Drying: Put Purify, Elevation, lemongrass, or another favorite oil or blend on a

wet rag or dryer balls and toss it in the dryer!

Furniture Tips:

1. Polish: put a few drops of Lemon, Purify, or White Fir along with fractionated

coconut oil on a dust cloth and wipe down wood for a simple furniture polish.

Floors and Carpet:

1. Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner: Place 1 cup of white vinegar, 1 TB of dish soap or castile soap, 15 drops of a scrubbing essential oil (listed at top) into a bucket of water. Mix and use to clean tile, hardwood, linoleum, ceramic, laminate and vinyl. Or you can use doTERRA’s OnGuard Cleaning Concentrate - super easy!

2. Carpet Cleaner/Deodorizer: Mix 1 cup of baking soda and 20-50 drops of melaleuca, lemon, Purify, or another favorite oil in a glass jar. Close and shake the jar and let it stand overnight. Sprinkle lightly over carpets, let sit for 15 minutes and then vacuum.

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cleaning with essential oils

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