eucalyptus essential oil Eucalyptus was widely used in World War 1 to control infections and infuenza. Common uses of Eucalyptus Essential Oil:
  • Helps lessen feelings of tension.
  • Promotes feelings of relaxation.
  • Promotes feelings of clear breathing and open airways.
  • Ideal for creating a soothing massage experience.
  • Has purifying properties that can be beneficial for the skin and for cleansing surfaces and the air.
  • Found in mouth rinses and oral hygiene products to freshen breath.
  • Diffuse during the winter months to invigorate you on a cold, dreary day.
  • Add to a spray bottle with water and use it to wipe down surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Place one to two drops in your hand and inhale deeply to clear the mind.
  • Add one drop to moisturizer and apply to skin for revitalizing benefits.
Eucalyptus blends well with Rosemary and Peppermint Common Applications include: Aromatically and Topically. Dilute heavily with a carrier oil for possible skin sensitivity. Quick Tip:  Place a few drops in your morning shower to invigorate and promote vitality
eucalyptus essential oil

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