Weight Management and Essential Oils

Maintaining a healthy weight and feeling good about your body is probably something very important to you. And while there are many messages and ideas and plans out in the world, it can be difficult to narrow it all down to exactly what you need. Essential Oils can play a role in healthy weight management but there is no one essential oil that will be your magic quick fix. 

It isn't about one thing being the answer or quick solution, maintaining a healthy weight is about a set of strategies that work together to overcome past mind sets and create the healthy life and weight you are looking for.

In the video below, I share the strategies that I use and recommend for maintaining weight and the role that essential oils can play into that:

I also have a PDF download for you to refer to help you set your goals. 

I have created a few more tools to help you get started.  You can refer to the short videos I have on YouTube that address the different aspects of the strategies I present in the video. They are a way to break each one down and go a little more in depth on them. You can find those videos on my YouTube Channel at Stacy Paulsen.

And one last little strategy I want to leave you with is a blog article from Carrots N Cake. She shares some great tips for eating on the go and how to make the best choices that won't sabotage your goals!

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