Get Rid of Sore Throat with Essential Oils

It really doesn't matter the season, a sore throat can hit at any time. They are uncomfortable and can often lead to further issues as symptoms may develop. Today, I'm going to share a few ideas and ways you can fight off a sore throat at the earliest twinge! And you can do it naturally!

Using the amazing properties of Onguard, here are a few ways you can soothe your throat and support your body in fighting off any infections.

Throat Spray

Using a small spray bottle, fill with purified water and add a few drops of Onguard, Melaleuca and Lemon Essential oil. Shake and spray on your throat several times a day.

Throat Soother

Place one drop of Onguard on a Tablespoon of honey, mix and eat. It will soothe as you swallow.

Soothing Tea

Place warm to hot water in a mug. Add a drop of Marjoram and a drop of Onguard Essential Oil and sip.

doTERRA also offers a few additional products that help! My kids love pulling out the Onguard drops to suck on, whenever their throat starts feeling a little scratchy.

You can also watch my short video below to get additional ideas for using Essential Oils to help get rid of a sore throat!

For more ways that you can use essential oils and incorporate them into your daily routines, download my 50 practical ways to use essential oils! 

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