When Growing Pains Hit

Picture this. It is 1 am and you hear your 4 year old cry out from her bedroom. You pull yourself from your sleep and rush to her only to find her still sleeping. She is restless and whimpering. Is she getting sick? Does she have a fever? Is it an ear ache? 

Once you have ruled out these possibilities, you can pretty much chalk them up to what most parents refer to as "Growing Pains". Every parent has been pulled from sleep to deal with them and they are never fun for anyone.

What Are Growing Pains?

Growing pains are usually in the muscles, most of the leg muscles. There isn't anythings swollen or red or hot when normal growing pains are occuring. How severe the pain is usually depends on the child. Some can seem to suffer with it more than others.

Although it may sound like your child is actually feeling physical pain as their bones grow, there is no scientific proof of this. Most experts believe it to be from the running, jumping and normal play activities of your child. You may even notice it to be more frequent when they've had a particularly athletic day.

Are you sure it isn't something worse?

If you want to make sure it is truly growing pains and not something worse, you can rule out other possibilities. One of the big things you can check is how they respond to your touch. Kids who are experiencing pain from a serious medical cause don't like to be touched because that movement can make the pain worse. It is just the opposite in the case of growing pains. They actually find it soothing to be held and massaged.

What can I do to help?

Along with the holding and massaging them, you can also use essential oils to help with this soothing. I have a blend that I really love to use and I keep it in a roller bottle close by. When my little ones wake me, I can reach for it, rub it on their sore muscles and gently massage it in.

For my older kids, they can use the roller bottle themself, if needed.

Watch the video below to see what essential oils I put in my roller bottle. 

To learn more about Essential Oils and how you can implement them into your daily routine, check out my Getting Started page!

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